Nicks Picks NFL Picks Week 2 

Week 2 is here, we learned a lot in week 1 if you missed anything read our week 1 recap. Now onto week 2s picks.

Houston+6.5 Cincinnati

I love seeing a high quality game on Thursday night featuring 2 teams that are at their best, this is not that game. Andy Dalton may be color blind because he kept throwing it to the Ravens, and Houston had 0 offensive flow vs the Jags let that sink in. Houston is the better team therefore more likely to get it closer to right on a short week. Cin 23-21

Tennessee-2 Jacksonville

The Jags lead the AFC South…. words I never thought I would say. Calais Cambell dominated the Houston Oline for 3.5 sacks it was an impressive game for the Jags D. Tennessee lost to a very good Oakland team  for the Jags to win this one they need more from Blake Bortles so they’ve already lost. Ten 24-17

Cleveland +7.5 Baltimore

The Ravens didn’t dominate a big play a pick 6 and 2 FGs, to go with Flacco saying the offense is no fun, concerning. The Browns won’t have 5 TOs in this one they should keep in under 7.5 I could easily see them win. Bal 24-21

Carolina-7 Buffalo

So the Panthers looked good again, after pummeling San Francisco the Panthers face a not much harder challenge in the Bills a team the let the jets stay within 10. Look for good performances from rookie WR on both sides. Car 27-17

New England-7 New Orleans

How is it only 7, is Vegas trying to trick you to bet on the Saints? Maybe. They aren’t to happy in Boston over the dud of a game the Pats played in week 1 New Orleans USA 7-9 team at best. Saints fan you may want to find something else to do Sunday afternoon because celebrating a win won’t be on your schedule. NE 31-21

Arizona-7.5 Indianapolis

The Cardinals aren’t that  good the Colts are that bad. Andrew Luck is out meaning its Jacoby Brissett time (quiet unenthusiastic yay). Arizona will be without David Johnson so Kerwynn Williams is a fantasy sleeper. In the end give me Palmer over Brissett any day of the week (except Thursday because we’ve already got a dud for that night). Arizona 38-17

Kansas City-5 Philadelphia

KC impressed me but they won’t be that dominant every week. The Eagles Benefited from TO in week 1 don’t expect that from KC. KC 24-14

Minnesota +6 Pittsburgh

The Steelers offense looked out of sink Ben to Brown worked but not much else did Rhodes V Brown will be a clash of the games best. These are both playoff teams the 1pm game to watch Minnesota 24-20

Tampa Bay -7 Chicago

The bears showed life  and played Atlanta tough some give them some credit for that. But Mike Glennon is still starting meaning a very good D for Tampa should be enough to stop the bears O almost completely. Winston gets some added fire power with OJ Howard and Deshaun Jackson. I’ll take Tampa by 2 + scores 31-17

Miami +4.5 LA Chargers

Vegas underestimates Jay Cutler, simple as that I don’t think the Chargers are 4.5 points better than Miami I don’t think they are better period. I’ll even give you a score Dolphins 27-21.

Oakland-14 NY Jets

Hey the jets had a pulse, also bad coaching decisions. This is a young team going across the country the play a super bowl contender 2 TDs seem a bit lite. Raiders 31-13

LA Rams-2.5 Washington

Goff looked like a franchise QB vs the lowly Colts in week 1 the Redskins are better but it’s not a dominant team. Kirk Cousins wants to get paid, it’s never going to happen if he’s playing like he did in week one, look for improvement on the Redskins end but I think the Rams win this one by a field goal  27-24

Dallas -2.5 Denver

How bout them Cowboys, smacked the Giants in week one they should beat up Denver. I don’t trust the Broncos offense to score enough points in this game, this should be a low scorer and I’ll take Dallas  17 to 13 is about right.

Seattle-14 San Francisco

The Seahawks are a far superior team. San Fran signed Elijah lee off the Vikings practice squad to replace the injured Ruben Foster. Seattle needs to show More offensively 24-3 final score

Green Bay +2.5 Atlanta

Both had subpar showings and week one the Packers defense looks vastly improved which is why am taking Green Bay. 27-24 Packers

NY Giants -3 Detroit

The Giants had a poor showing versus the Cowboys the expectation is Odell Beckham will return to the field in week two. Detroit didn’t truly beat Arizona more of Arizona beating themselves I’ll take the Giants minus the field-goal New York 27–20


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