To All David Johnson Owners I Urge You Not To Panic

   Message to all David Johnson owners I ask you not to panic your season is not over not even close. Now “experts” like Mathew Berry will tell you that your screwed but the fact is your only screwed if you think you’re screwed. I own David Johnson in two leagues and I’m not worried in the slightest in fact I’m looking forward to the challenge of leading my team to victory despite losing my top pick. 

   First here’s what not to do. Don’t make a stupid blockbuster trade trying to replace Johnson because quite frankly it can’t be done and you’ll wind having to give up half your team to do it which will leave you worse off than before. You should not tank your season away while focusing on next year you need to stay focused on this year. What you should be doing is adding as much RB and WR depth as you can whether it be from the waiver wire, trades, etc. You can’t win with star power without Johnson but you can win with depth you may not have the most feared team but if you make the right pickups and trades you can have a deep team poised to win and win often. I recommend picking up (if you still can) guys like Tarik Cohen, Kerwynn Williams, Kenny Golladay, even Marlon Mack is worth a shot. 

   Now I won’t sugar coat it losing your top pick in week 1 is never a good thing I’m not gonna convince you that it is. I’m simply here to tell you that your season is not over your title hopes are not dead. Most people think you can’t win without your top pick but this is your chance to prove the ultimate superiority over your peers. Just be active, be smart, and don’t throw in the towel it’s only week 2 it’s a long season. 


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  1. I like where you were going with the article, but it needs very badly to be proofread. Please, feel free to email me at the address listed below. I’d love to help!


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