The Morons At Yahoo Ranked LeBron #15 In Their Fantasy Ranks

Fresh off ESPN’s embarrassing NBA rankings list, I happened to stumble upon the Yahoo Fantasy Basketball rankings while I was setting up my league. And once again, it was fucking trash. Yahoo must get quite a lengthy boner for Steph Curry. 

They ranked him number 1 for fantasy, yet again. I said this last year, but this blog didn’t exist last year – when they ranked Curry over Westbrook and Harden I discredited their rankings. 

Thankfully, the people in my league aren’t morons – Westbrook, Harden (me), and Durant went before Curry. Curry was only better than Durant because of his injury, simple.

Who the fuck would draft Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Kawhi Leonard over LeBron James? Oh, and somehow – Russell Westbrook slid to 10th on this list despite being the top fantasy player last year. Bananas. 


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