What Should You Make Of Tarik Cohen’s Fantasy Value?

We have arrived in week 2, and the Bears already have no receivers left. Cameron Meredith is out for the year, and Kevin White got his yearly injury. So, where do the Bears go from here? Their best target left in the receiving game is TE Zach Miller, who should be picked up in all leagues.

But, obviously Miller can’t match up and beat corners in the slot and the outside. That is where Tarik Cohen comes in. The majority of Tarik Cohen’s value will come in the passing game. Jordan Howard is still the guy in that backfield until he gets hurt. If you have Howard, relax – if you don’t have Howard, trade for him NOW.

Cohen will be a big time waiver wire pickup for PPR leagues. Even if he can’t break free for big gains like he did Sunday. If he had 9 catches for 40 yards – that is one hell of a pickup for your team. Even if you are in a standard league, pick him up – I did, and I certainly don’t regret it. Cohen is a big play running back, his carries won’t diminish as long as he remains productive. Pick him up people if you somehow haven’t.


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