Anyone Who Drafts Luka Doncic Over Michael Porter/Marvin Bagley Is Looking For A Disaster

Another year, another European prospect has emerged into the spankbank of the media. On a serious note, the kid is good – very good. Just not worth taking him over Porter/Bagley. Any NBA franchise that drafts Doncic over Marvin Bagley and Michael Porter is bat shit crazy. Like, serial killer crazy.

The name of the game is athleticism and versatility now a days. Having a seven footer that runs and guns like Porter and Bagley is very valuable for the lowly NBA franchises that take a shot on them.

Doncic seems like an above average player from the film i’ve seen. I think his peak is the Cavaliers version of Kevin Love. Good shooter, rebounder, but nothing that can really “wow” you. Won’t have the athletic edge to be a superstar difference maker.

All I saw from Doncic was exceptional shooting, and well – that’s really it. Doesn’t really separate himself from play makers like Marvin Bagley and Michael Porter.

These were Doncic’s numbers from 2016-17:

19.9 Min, 7.8 PPG, 4.5 REB, 4.2 AST

It’s only a matter of time until he knocks down dozens of wide open 3’s in an empty elementary school gym and the Detroit Pistons trade the house to draft him over a Hall of Famer…

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