Kevin Durant Having Troll Accounts Is The The Least Surprising Thing Ever

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

So, it looks like Kevin Durant has dabbled in the troll game. It’s a game that has taken over twitter and now it looks like athletes are involved. Nobody knows who’s behind these accounts so it’s all mystery.

Kevin Durant loves replying to tweets and putting people in body bags. Nothing new. So, like any twitter addict – he created a troll account to cover him so he can say what he wants.

Something to think about, what if he created a troll account so he can reply to himself to make himself look good? What if all those troll accounts were ACTUALLY Kevin Durant… Think about it.

What if this opens Pandora’s box here?? What if all these athletes have a troll account in order to have a creative outlet without penalty? I would bet LeBron has one – who knows, maybe Kawhi Leonard has one… anything is possible. (Kevin Garnett)

One key to troll accounts is never exposing yourself. If you do, all hell breaks loose – especially if you have public figure status like Durant does. Fun aside, Durant certainly has a point.

Any basketball fan would tell you, Thunder are top 3 in the draft without Russ. He’s dead on. That roster is as trash as it gets without Russ.


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