It’s Official – Kevin Durant Is The Most Triggered Athlete In All Sports

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

Kevin Durant #TweetGate has broken out in full throttle and it just exposes how triggered Kevin Durant is about EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed Durant clapping back at people constantly. But, now that it seems obvious he was talking to himself, just shows how triggered/soft he is.

Don’t forget, i’m old enough to remember these shoes he released like a week ago:

Definitely not triggered though, just sticking it to the “haters”

Holy shit this guy is a bitch. I didn’t think he could’ve made that troll fuck up look any worse – but BOOM. Just when you thought Durant can’t look any weaker that pops out! Like a pimple on prom day!

If he stuck by his Thunder comments, I would have respected that. Yeah, it sounds kinda shitty, but that’s how he really feels, clearly. Who gives a fuck if the Thunder fans don’t like you even more or boo you in OKC when you come back, it doesn’t mean shit because the Warriors will obviously win.

And by the way, if any of you watched that film about Durant’s first season in Golden State, I think we could agree that it makes him look softer than baby shit. It was a 35 minute pity party about the NBA world calling him a cop-out spineless bitch. God, just take it off the chin and fucking hoop. I don’t mind outspoken players who clap back – just stand by your clapbacks. That simple.
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