Nicks Picks NFL week 3 

Week 2 was a rough 7-9 making my NFL picks a mediocre 16-16 on the year. 

LA Rams -2.5 San Francisco 

So it took him a while but Jared Goff has finally shown up. The rams are better than they were last year not a great football team but they’ll beat the bad ones the 49ers are a bad one. In a league where the quarterback mean so much Brian Hoyer doesn’t cut it no one on the roster cuts it. The 49ers are looking at a high draft pick and a quarterback with that high draft pick give me the rams 24-10

Baltimore -4 Jacksonville (London) 

Well at least one good team is playing in this game and it’s the one that’s designated as the road team. Baltimore should win this game relatively easily I think week one for the Jaguars was a fluke and I didn’t look very good in week two versus Tennessee I’ll take Baltimore 21-13 

Minnesota (even) Tampa Bay 

OK here’s what you need to do take Minnesota if Sam Bradford is playing do not touch this game if case Keenum is playing. Minnesota is not a bad team case Keenum is a below average quarterback, I don’t trust him to win a game now at home. Minnesota could still win, but I would avoid this game if case Keenum is the quarterback. 

Denver -3 Buffalo

How the hell is this only 3 Denver dominated Dallas last week and the bills looks terrible and A lost to Carolina how was this only three what what does Vegas to know that no one else does this should be a least a touchdown I would take Denver up to 13 points. 31-10 Broncos Best bet of the week.

New Orleans +6 Carolina

This is one of those games where I think New Orleans is better than 0-2 I don’t think Carolina is as good for a 2-0 record. Saints 27-24

Pittsburgh-7.5 Chicago 

The Bears are bad, Pittsburgh is explosive. The Steelers are the team that can score 10 points in a half then 24 the next half. A long afternoon in Chicago. Steelers 31-10 

Atlanta-3 Detroit 

Detroit is a 2-0 team, but like Carolina it’s not that good. Arizona(Bad team) and New York(traffic cones put up more resistance than that O-Line) aren’t signature wins. I’ll take Atlanta 27-17 

Cleveland-1 Indianapolis 

The Browns are favored. Over/Under if today is Wednesday How long until Chuck Pagano gets fired 5 days at best. Colts fans maybe you’ll be relevant in 2022. Browns 23-17

New England -13 Houston 

Has brown ended his holdout…. no …. I told them that screen door wasn’t good enough to play LT. Okay Houston has one of the worse offensive lines I’ve ever seen, Bill Belichick will use he evil powers to bury Watson for 4 Quarters. Brady took Week 1 off but then Week 2 happened NE is beaten up but Houston won’t stay in this one. NE 30-7

Miami -6 NY Jets 

Is it bad when Jay Cutler is the best QB in a game….the jets are well on their way to 0-16  they are the just terrible. Sam Darnold don’t stay in school because the Jets will take you whenever you come out. Miami 27-10

NY Giants +6 Philadelphia 

I don’t have enough time to tell you why the Giants are 0-2, I just don’t. No O-Line, a below average coach, let’s add public criticism of a 2 time SB winning QB to the list. I still don’t know why they fired Tom Coughlin. I don’t know about Philly I’ll take eagles 27-24 

Tennessee-2.5 Seattle 

I called Scooby Doo and the gang they are going to solve the mystery of where the Seahawks offense has gone, I can’t find it can you Pete Carroll. Like 5 FGs and a TD with a missed Extra Point, take the under, Titans 17-6

Green Bay -9 Cincinnati 

Toss up who losses their job first Marvin Lewis or Andy Dalton? We could see AJ McCarron in this one GB is dinged up but if you have watched the Bungles this one will get ugly. GB 31-6. 

Kansas City -3 LA Chargers 

Will LA sell out the 27k seat stubhub center this week…. maybe. Will the Chargers win probably not. Game Manager Alex Smith has evolved into I’m not losing my job Alex Smith the Chiefs could go to the super bowl with Smith playing at this level.  KC 31-20 

Oakland -3 Washington 

The Raiders are pretty good again Derek Carrs music video was interesting so…. Oakland 28-17 
Dallas -3 Arizona 

I can’t imagine Dallas playing any worse than they did in week 2 it’s just not going to happen. Dallas 24-14 

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