OKC’s Enes Kanter Throws Some Haymakers in Radio Interview


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Enes Kanter on KDs comments from his burner Twitter account:

“We learned how he felt from Twitter. It was disrespectful. I understand interacting with fans, but having a fake account and just answering back and trying to have a conversation with them and stuff, come on, man. If you’re Kevin Durant, you don’t do that.”

Not surprisingly some of Kevin Durant’s former teammates are voicing their opinion on the latest chapter in the increasingly dramatic life of the Golden State superstar. Kanter really put things into perspective when he made a comparison to Russell Westbrook.

“I feel like the good players win championships, but the great players, they never blame each other,” Kanter continued. “They always take responsibility and they never blame each other. I remember there was one point in playoffs that we’re losing and they asked Russell about his teammates. He said, ‘We’re in this together. We don’t blame each other. We don’t point fingers. If we lose, it’s our fault. It’s not the coach’s fault, this guy’s fault, his fault – no, it’s everybody’s fault. Because we’re in this together.’ That’s why we don’t really point (fingers) and try to blame each other.”

Damn. Mad respect to Russ though, it sounds like he is type of leader I would want to play for more. Click here for the rest of the heavy takes from the OKC Center.


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