Don’t Let The College Basketball Scandal Distract You From The Fact That ESPN And The Heisman Voters Will Screw Stanford Again

Another year of college football has ramped up, and yet again Stanford running backs don’t get any respect. Two years ago, the biggest atrocity in sports history took place when Nick Saban paid off the heisman voters to vote for Derrick Henry, and Henry won the heisman. McCaffery only did everything for Stanford and set the all time college football record for total yards with over 3000. But Derrick Henry won the heisman because he got 100 carries a game for Alabama. Seems legit.

Don’t forget that not too long ago, nobody respected Andrew Luck’s heisman campaign and his finished second, not once but TWICE. Listen, i’m not saying Luck should have won over Cam Newton in 2010. But, losing the votes 729-78 is bullshit – way too many votes. One year later, Andrew Luck finished second in the heisman voting once again, losing for Robert Griffin III.

In 2017, Stanford has one of the best running backs in college football in Bryce Love. He is just as good, if not better than McCaffery. This week, ESPN released their list for heisman rankings known as the “Heisman Watch” otherwise known as “Don’t Bother Clicking, It’s Just More Alabama Running Backs” list.

Ok, so let me get this straight, ESPN is ranking Bryce Love behind Sam Darnold, Mason Rudolph, and Rashaad Penny. Are they fucking brain damaged??? I don’t give a fuck how many yards Penny puts up in the Mountain West, it’s the fucking Mountain West, irrelevant football. San Diego State will never play in big games like Stanford.

Sam Darnold has been hot garbage this season, and Mason Rudolph has inflated numbers and just got his teeth kicked in against TCU. The fact that Jalen Hurts is even on this list shows Alabama pays ESPN for these lists and the heisman voters, they know that list is what people form their opinions on because they’re morons. It’s digital spankbank for SEC junkies like Barrett Sallee and Paul Finebaum.

Seriously, Jalen Hurts can’t even throw a fucking football 20 yards downfield and he plays behind the best OL in college. He could take a lesson about throwing from Nate, the Play 60 Kid. Even he knew Cam Newton can’t throw.


Bryce Love has 1,088 rushing yards through five weeks, if he keeps doing what he’s doing and he isn’t a heisman finalist I’m going to have to protest in New York, I’ll have no other choice.



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