Eminem’s New Album Is Reportedly Done And I Just Shit Myself

FOX Boston:

According to Billboard, a video posted on Facebook by Eminem’s producer, who goes by the name Mr. Porter, shows the producer telling fans the new album is “amaze-balls.”

“Am I working on Eminem’s album? No,” Mr. Porter said in the video. “We are done. How about that?”

According to Billboard, a video posted on Facebook by Eminem’s producer, who goes by the name Mr. Porter, shows the producer telling fans the new album is “amaze-balls.”

It’s unclear when the album will hit stores or when Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, will release a single from the album.

Eminem’s last full-length album, “The Marshall Mather’s LP 2,” was released in 2013. His last single, “Campaign Speech,” was released last year.

Before I really dive into this, “Amaze-balls” ??? Really??? that sounds like the adjective a 13 year old uses or a 47 year old mother of 6 who is trying to be a cool cat.

Anyway, this news really just put a MASSIVE pep in my step. A new Eminem album isn’t what we traditional rap fans want, it’s what we NEED. If you have a refined palate and can’t stand the shitty rap music that’s being jammed down our throats, this is the fix we need.

The biggest question is what Eminem is going to come out in this album. The last 6 years we have had the Eminem who has been all about his comeback from drug addiction and the story of how he dealt with the extreme fame.

We also have the Eminem that dropped “Campaign Speech” last year and well, it was 7 minutes of political banter, the lyrics were of course genius, but I couldn’t get into it. There’s a slight chance we also get the “Relapse” Eminem. Basically he tweaked on that entire album and led to this “Eminem Is Gay” skit from “The Interview”

“What did you mean what you rapped, I said nice rectum, I had a vasectomy, Hector – so you can’t get pregnant if I bisexually wreck ya”

I pretty much just left a breadcrumb trail of gayness”

Or, we could get the early 2000s Eminem that created lyrics and hooks that would make your head spin. I highly doubt we ever get that again because, well – he was on pretty much every pharmaceutical drug you could ever name. Mumble rappers doing xanny’s and drinking lean had nothing on Ambien Eminem. Whole different animal.

I honestly think we will get a mix of all those albums put into one last, final send off album. By the way, if you think he lost a step lyrically, just check out his verse on “No Favors” by Big Sean. It will put the dumbo’s that listen to Lil Pump in a mental pretzel.

All he needs is a cowboy hat, a horse and a video camera to create the perfect send off video….

Rap fans needed this. America needed this. I can’t fucking wait. The radio better play this jam.

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