The Red Sox Make My Blood Boil To One Billion Degrees Celsius 

Well, one year later same story. The Red Sox get outed by the better team, which was the Houston Astros. But, just because Houston was the better team doesn’t mean they automatically win the first round. This isn’t MLB The Show, this is playoff baseball. Anything can happen at any time if the ball club shows up.

It was too little too late for the Red Sox. They got their asses plugged with the boomstick’s Houston brought in games 1 & 2. Game 3 was a good quality win for the Red Sox. They had the momentum going into game 4, but the Sox we all know and loath showed up and stunk up the joint. The game started out with a small deficit, and a blind umpire – said blind umpire, made a bad call which led to John Farrell getting ejected. 

That’s good news, Farrell being out only helps the Red Sox chances. Ya know, just in case he wants to pinch run a knuckle ball pitcher, again. The Sox got unlucky a lot. A lot of hard hit balls went straight to Houston, and Hanley Ramirez missed a moonshot by a couple inches. Coulda, shoula, woulda. Things don’t go your way sometimes in baseball. 

The Red Sox went to Sale early in the game when Porcello showed signs of vulnerability. It was a great move. Until it became apparent he was losing steam. He was on short rest, so you can’t throw him for starters innings. His fastball dropped from 99-100 to 95 MPH by the 8th inning. PULL THE FUCKING PLUG. Nope, just like we are all used to seeing, the Sox waited too long to pull the starter and Bregman went deep to tie the game, also leaving runners on base.

On top of that fuck up, they decide to go to Kimbrel in he 8th, he NEVER pitches in the 8th. It usually never ends well when he does pitch in the 8th. Well, he was all over the place like “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn was before the glasses (and probably the AIDS)…

Kimbrel sucked, and Beltran got ahold of one to extend the lead to 5-3. The Red Sox had the bottom part of the lineup coming in, with Devers leading off. Devers ends up hitting an inside the park HR to lead off the inning, making it 5-4. No outs, one run game with all he momentum leaning Boston, and Ken Giles starting to tire out. The next 3 batters, Vasquez, Bradley, and Pedroia. All three hitters had a TERRIBLE series at the plate, ZERO pinch hitters were used. It’s incredible how fucking stupid the Red Sox managed their team. They deserved to lose. 

But, here I am pissed off once again because our management is incompetent. If John Farrell isn’t fired this offseason Red Sox fans will have to revolt. We should all take a knee for the sake of Boston.


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