NBA Playoffs Proposal. 

  In a world where the NBA Playoffs are all too lopsided and all too predictable I have a solution that may fix that or at the very least make the playoffs more entertaining. The MLB postseason is going on as we speak and their playoff format is simple a one game wild card to start a best of 5 LDS and best of 7 for the LCS and World Series. Now what if we took that format and applied it to the NBA playoffs. There would be a one game playoff in the 1st round the semis would be best of 5 and the conference and NBA Finals would be best of 7. 

   I know all of this seems crazy but is it really that crazy. Realistically who wants to see the Cavs sweep the Pacers in 4 long games when you can get it over with in a couple of hours. Plus the one game playoff opens the door to more potential upsets. If the top seed loses game 1 everyone says meh they’ll win in 5; 9 times out of ten the top seed does indeed win in 5 and the 10th time they win in 6. In this format the 7 or 8 seed has a better chance of knocking of a top seed since they don’t have to win 4 of 7 you just have to win one game. It opens the door to a more compelling and more unpredictable 1st round. 

   As far the the rest of the postseason is concerned you a best of 5 conference semis to ease into the 4 out of 7 series that follow. From that point on the final 2 series would be 7 games as normal with less margin for error on the way their way to the Finals. With this format a Cavs-Warriors Finals matchup isn’t as much of an inevitability especially since one of them could lose as early as the first round remember anybody can beat anyone on any given day and they would only need one to move on. 

   Now there is one big flaw in this plan and it’s that NBA owners and execs aren’t gonna be found if reducing games during their most profitable time of the year. There is too much upside with this plan for it to be ignored. Think about a more compelling more unpredictable first round where anything can happen as opposed to waiting 4 games to see Golden State inevitably sweep Portland. First round matchups are gonna continue to be lopsided especially with all the Super teams walking around and this would help even things out at least a little bit. Now remember this is just an idea you don’t have to agree with me but I think this should has great potential if played out in real life. 



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