Some Bitch Bear Came In My Yard And The Picture Looks Like The Old Bruins Logo

So, one day I get a text while I’m chowing down a quarter pounder in a McDonalds parking lot, and it’s a picture of a bear that came roaming through my yard like he owned the fucking place. 

It didn’t become apparent to me, until Bason pointed it out, that it kinda looks like the Bruins logo the way its positioned. 

We were in a google hangout with one of our other nudnik friends in a fantasy basketball draft, and this meme was born. This is why I refuse to hire a graphic designer. There’s nobody better in the photoshop meme game than Bason.

As far as the bear goes, he’s a little bitch. 

He comes out when nobody is around. Sneaking around like the little pussy he is. Notice that empty driveway? The force known as my 2005 Toyota Camry is nowhere to be found. Who knows where the fook I was. But one things for sure, he wasn’t ready for the furry of the 4 cylinder iron balls known as my ’05 Camry. Come back to me when your ready to tussle for real smokey. 

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