This Professor Is So Adamant Against Pomegranates That It’s Almost Inspiring


This is easily one of the most puzzling videos of the week. What led to this blowup? Why does she hate pomegranates so passionately?? Why was she trying to pump up a class full of hungover college kids like it’s a Trump rally?

The “Am I clear” line was deep enough for me to shit out my morning Frosted Flakes for sure.

I can actually relate to this, I once had a high school art teacher that went bat shit crazy in the middle of class for no reason, she kept hyping up her brother’s steakhouse like fucking crazy, personally attacked every student and ranted about school lunches about as passionately as this lady for absolutely no reason. Turns out she was a full on pill head and got fired for it. Guess that is much worse but then again, who’s to say this isn’t some Adderall induced rant? The Jury is still out on that.

Is a firecracker professor better to have then a boring lecture oriented professor? I currently have 3 boring lecture oriented professors and it’s like dying a slow painful death. At least I have been able to think of jokes during that time. Firecracker professors are entertaining, but can be very volatile when it’s time to hit the grade books. Give & take.


She has to be allergic. That’s the only explanation for this.

Live Strong:

If you develop adverse reactions after drinking or touching pomegranate juice, you may have an allergy to it. Although pomegranates are not considered a common food allergen, some people may experience an allergic reaction. All symptoms need to be evaluated by your physician.

It’s rare, but possible. We need a follow up, whoever submitted this to Barstool, come out of the fucking woodwork for us and explain the motive. It’s needed.

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