Jim Lahey Has Passed Away And I Have Hit Full Blown Depression Mode


Trailer Park Boys” actor John F. Dunsworth — who played Jim Lahey on the show — has died.

Dunsworth’s daughter told a Canadian outlet her father died after a brief and unexpected illness.

John was a part of the show’s original cast, and played a former cop-turned-security supervisor at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. 

He broke into show biz as a casting director in the late ’80s before making it big on the Canadian comedy. “Trailer Park Boys” has been on air for 11 seasons.

Dunsworth was 71.


I thought I beat your typical bad monday luck until this broke. Let me make myself clear, I watched all of Trailer Park Boys probably 10-12 times. That is accurate, no hyperbole. Without Lim Jahey’s quick witted swift drunk commentary the show won’t be the same.

I actually have a Jim Lahey “I Am The Liquor” shirt and you bet your ass I’m wearing it tomorrow:

From Ricky’s shenanigans to Bubble’s shopping carts, to JRoc’s porch concerts, none of that wouldn’t have been memorable without retired officer Jim Lahey. Thee old shit liner is coming to port, Jim Lahey will always be there to tie her up.

From shit-hawks, shit-ropes, the shit-winds and everything in between – the streets of Sunnyvale, the Blanford Recreational Center, the LC, and all the shitisms are no longer the same without retired officer.

Rest In Peace. Have a drinkypoo fellas:


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