Chuck Pagano Is A Bum And Needs To Be Fired!

   Chuck Pagano is a terrible coach, he’s a bum, and he’s ruined my Sundays for too long now he has to go. For years I was a Pagano supporter but monday night was the final straw. 

   The Colts are a flat out embarrassment this year and as a fan it it hard to watch. This year has been a tale of two halves for Indy as the Colts have had first half leads in 4 of their 6 games and were tied once and have proceeded to collapse in every single second half. The Colts blew leads against the Cardinals, and Titans both of those games should’ve been W’s. There was that Seattle game where the Colts looked a a pee wee team in the 2nd half and a pretty bad one at that. And last but not least they only beat the Browns and Niners by a combined 6 points and they almost blew both of those games. 

    To say the Colts are a train wreck or a dumpster fire would be paying them a compliment; the Colts are what would happen if 20 trains crashed into 20 flaming dumpsters outside a nuclear waste plant. The Colts are still trying to recover from Ryan Grigson ruining this team and our owner is an incompetent pill head so this all can’t be pinned on Pagano. Although having Brissett run on 4 and 1 when you have a hall of fame running back that can be blamed on Pagano. Plus that lack of discipline resulting in flag after flag that can also be pinned on Chuck. There was the time back in week 1 when he thought they played the 49ers when in actuality they played the Rams and got their asses kicked. Bad play calls lack of discipline and inability to close out games and not knowing who you just played seems like a good reason to fire the coach doesn’t it. 

   All Pagano accomplished in 6 years as the coach was riding Andrew Luck to playoff runs, having a shitty defense despite being a defensive mind, and wasting prime years of his elite QB. As far as who should replace him I think a defensive mind is what the Colts need and I think Matt Patricia from the Pats would be a perfect fit but something tells me he’s in no rush to leave New England. But no matter who is on the Colts sideline next year it better not be Chuck Pagano he is dead weight holding the Colts back from being contenders. It’s time for the Colts to fire Chuck Pagano!



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