Nobody Noticed That The 76ers Announcer Said Ben Simmons “Sucks In The D”

First off, this is bound to happen. When you’re a play by play announcer, you play around with catch phrases all the time, and everything is on the fly. It’s one of those “son of a bitch” moments in your brain after you make a solid dick joke slip on the air. It’s not the first time that this has happened, remember when Hubie Brown said Kyrie Irving was good “jerking off” the defender?

Phade Sports remembers, (also pepperidge farm).

If you want to get technical, I think Simmons is more likely penetrating the D rather than sucking in the D. He’s attacks the basket at all times. He’s at the other end of the fellatio game. Seriously, have you seen his chick?


Idk which one it is, my sources have confirmed it is indeed one of them though. (Probably both), You all get the point. Dude is fucking CRUSHING the paint & the box.

In case you need perspective, Drake seriously sat in the nosebleeds at one of their games while he was on the prowl for these two smokes.



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