The Browns Will Be A Title Contender In 5 Years

You heard it hear first I actually said the Browns will be a contender in 5 years mark my words.  This may be my hottest take yet this seems almost crazy but it’s gonna happen. It can’t not happen all those high 1st round picks and all the other picks they’ve gotten from trades. Plus the Bengals and Ravens continue to decline year after year.

The Browns already have a good young players with top pick Myles Garret and Michigans ultimate utility player Jabril Peppers. At 0-8 this season the top pick in next years draft looks to be theirs especially since San Fran just got Jimmy G. If the Browns can stay bad for another year or two they can draft enough top tier talent to turn that team around quickly. Not to mention the Browns have one of the lowest payrolls in the NFL they entered last offseason with an available cap of 100 million dollars and did very little spending in the process.

The Browns have been too bad for too long now it all has to add up eventually for the Browns it just has too. Remember the Patriots used to be just like the Browns back in the day and look at them now. If the Browns can draft Saquon Barkley first overall and finally get Josh Gordon back on the field they can use their high cap space to add some good defensive players to that team. As far as DeShone Kizer is concerned give him time to develop remember Jared Goff sucked last year and he’s gotten a million times better this year. I know this is a franchise that passed on Julio Jones and invested in Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel and has had top picks year after year and still sucked but this time it’s different the path to success have never been clearer for the Browns.


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