The Eagles Scored So Much Against The Broncos That They Ran Out Of Celebration Fireworks; This Impending Collapse Will Be Sweeter Than 2004

If there was any tweet to summarize basically the entire NFL weekend, you got it here. Seriously, this was the worst NFL weekend of this season so far, and it’s not even close. And we also had an NFL weekend solely dedicated to politics – hard to beat that BS.

Let’s make something clear, the Broncos fucking suck. When you start Brock Osweiler, there will never be a good outcome. I don’t care what anyone says, offense is more important than defense. The only time a bad offense wins a superbowl is when the defense is one of the best of all time. Any other time, if your offense can’t move the ball – the defense is bound to fail.

As far as the Eagles go, they are so good right now that the impending collapse is going to be even sweeter than 2004. Wentz will probably be the NFL MVP, the Eagles are 8-1, they have the number 1 run defense in the league – and the NFC is a wash.

I already can’t wait for the Patriots/Eagles super bowl, there is a 99% chance that will be the matchup and I can’t wait for Tom Brady to step on their throats (again). When teams like the Falcons and Eagles matchup against real greatness, it’s laughable. It’s like stepping on an ant hill when you’re a human. Too easy. Enjoy the regular season Philly, that fun won’t last long.


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