Pathological Liar Kristine Leahy Is Back At It Again, This Time Accusing Barstool of “Hating Women” And Of Course Lying About The Quote On Twitter

Let me make this clear right off the bat, Kristine Leahy is the fucking worst. She sucks at her job and constantly has to push her agenda on the air, even though she simply reads box scores like an intern could do. Never forget, she said on air Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard are better than LeBron. Her reasoning was because Kawhi tests his PH levels in his water and they don’t got to the club…

Skip Bayless seems like Jesus matched up to her. First of all, she’s not a fucking journalist people… her job is to read the “HerdLine News” during the show. A fucking monkey could do her job… i listen to The Herd when i am driving pretty often. For a month straight, all she fucking did was read Russell Westbrook’s stat line from the previous night… like a said get the fucking monkey because this idiot is becoming annoying.

As far as what went down, This was a complete circus of bullshit. The Herd simply introduced Rappaport with his job title, which he works at Barstool Sports. Cowherd gave a little sarcastic remark about Barstool to start, and of course – Kristine Leahy had to force her feminist bull shit onto the show without any hesitation.

I don’t really like how the treat women”

That’s a direct quote, it’s plain and simple, to the point. I guess that’s what’s cool today, just say someone hates women and you’re considered the cream of the crop of social justice warrior slop.

Regardless, Barstool has had 00000 scandals in regards to how they treat women, fucking 0. Most of the women who have, or still work at Barstool love the way they were treated. So, there’s the first instance of bullshittery from her. On top of that, she works for Fox – nothing to see there….

On top of that, Portnoy made it clear that Leahy actually did photo shoots with Barstool back when she was in college. I always find it hilarious when these feminist morons don’t mind cursing “they hate women!” from afar – but have no problem using their looks or Barstool’s audience to advance their career.

Wouldn’t that be against your feminist beliefs? Lol. Funny how that works. It’s clear as day, it’s an agenda they will use at all times even if it doesn’t make sense because spineless SJW’s will follow in the footsteps. This has nothing to do with feminism, they hate men. If you cannot see that, you’re just as delusional as them and quite frankly, stupid.

Feminist man hating bullshit aside, this is the SECOND time since May she has blatantly lied about what she said on air – in order to dodge an impending shit storm.

“THE ONLY WORD I SAID IN THE CLIP” ????? She might be the worst pathological liar on TV. I swear she is at home taking notes from Hillary Clinton, CNN, and Donald Trump.

Remember LaVar Ball? When “Stay In Yo Lane” was born?

On FS1’s show Speak For Yourself, Leahy has stated that Lonzo and his brothers act like “zombies” and speak like “robots” around media and are “scared” of LaVar Ball. She has also said that she would “never” wear Big Baller Brand merchandise and that Ball needs to market more to women.

Here is my beef with Leahy, after Ball started confronting her on the things she has said on other shows, and she started trying to deny everything she said even though she said it in plain english on Speak For Yourself. She tries saying that as a “journalist” she has the right to give her analysis on what she see’s and has the right to ask tough questions.

Fine… that’s all good with me.

But, if you’re going to give harsh criticism, or do what normal people would call “talking shit” you have to realize that people eventually will come back at you. We have seen it from Skip Bayless when Jalen Rose got sick of his shit and put his high school stats on national television, 1.4 PPG –  the biggest troll tweet ever now according to my calculations of surfing his mentions.

Here is the difference, Skip took it and moved on. Leahy started whining like the hidden feminist she is and starting acting like she was being attacked and threatened.

Yeah… “Threatened”

Leahy is the fucking worst, I can’t believe Joy Taylor ended up on that shitty undisputed show and didn’t get the job on The Herd. It’s absolutely incredible.

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