This Has Been One Of The Wildest Seasons In NFL History 

We are 9 weeks into the NFL season and I don’t know how to describe what’s going on this year. The Jets look decent, the Jags are actually good, the Raiders are bad, the Giants went from title contenders to number one overall pick contenders and Falcons are blowing lead after lead at least that’s still normal.

There’s even more madness going on the Rams are currently the number one rated offense you heard me correctly the Rams. The Eagles look like Super Bowl contenders and Carson Wentz looks like an MVP. If the season ended today the Jags, Rams, and Bills would be playoff teams. Meanwhile the Seahawks, Falcons, Packers, Raiders, and Giants would be on the outside looking in. 5 of the 6 NFC playoff teams as of right now missed the postseason all together last year. Last week there not one, not two, but three fights most notably between Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Green. What a match of year candidate that was with Green murdering Ramsey and then Ramsey proceeding to call Green soft and weak afterward.

Continuing with the madness Jim Irsay isn’t even the worst owner in his division anymore thanks to Bob McNair. Andrew Luck has gone from ready by training camp to ready by week 1 to out for season to possibly out for career. Now Irsay is pinning on everyone he can like doctors and even Luck himself. Jared Goff went from complete bust to new and improved star. Deshaun Watson went from backup to star in just a couple of weeks and now he finds himself on IR along with the Texans playoff hopes. Ezekiel Elliot has gone back and forth between suspended and not being suspended. His suspension was delayed last time because the judge was working the case was on vacation.
    The 0-8 Browns may not even be not even be bad enough to land the number one overall same goes for the 0-9ers aka the 49ers. The mighty Denver Broncos defense just let up 51 points while the Jaguars have held opponents to single digits five times. JuJu Smith-Schuster has somehow become the star of an offense featuring Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Martavis Bryant, and Big Ben. Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, David Johnson, JJ Watt, Deshaun Watson, Eric Berry and may more stars are all on IR. Even the Bucs who most people thought could make the playoffs are a lowly 2-6. Whatever you thought would happen this season whatever this season was supposed to be the opposite has happened. This isn’t even the NFL anymore this is the Bizaro NFL we’re seeing it play out in front of our very eyes.


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