Lonzo Ball’s Lack Of Aggression Is So Bad It’s Infuriating

Yes, the dude can’t fucking shoot. We all know that, the Lakers know that, LaVar probably thinks otherwise. Regardless, it was expected that his shot would suck. He shoots on his left side with his right hand, not practical. The number 2 pick wasn’t spent on Ball for shooting, it was spent on him for creating off the dribble, passing, and leading the break. You can’t maximize any ability if you play softer than the second unit of a high school JV team.

The best creators in the league, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, etc. All get to the free throw line on a consistent basis. You get to the free throw line by getting the rim and stuffing your fist down another guard’s throat. Lonzo is more likely to throw a pass on the wing and just trot to the other side of the court and not engage with the play. The Jason Kidd comparison’s are honestly bogus, Kidd was balls to the wall at all times. Lonzo has shown no killer passion at any point this season. It honestly kills me, because I am a Big Baller Brand connoisseur, and Lonzo is just mailing it in so far this season. Not good.

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