Look At This Jets Fan Give The Worst Clap Back To The Patriots In The History Of The Internet

This thread was so stupid I almost decided not to respond. But, it would not be in my nature to ignore stupid internet commenters. Throwing the Giants joke at us as a clap back is so watered down and useless. Since the Patriots have 5 super bowls in 7 tries, it doesn’t sting at all. But, these morons somehow think it does.

The saddest part about this is that I originally thought he was a Giants fan because he made that joke, turns out he was a Jets fan. That is so damn sad, you aren’t even the best franchise in your stadium. Think about that. To top it off, Buffalo is a better team than the Jets and all they have in Buffalo is drunk people and snow.

“BB was my coach first. Enjoy my sloppy seconds or in your case. Thirsty thirds.”

There it is fellas. The most retarded comment I have ever seen in twitter history. Imagine thinking that up and saying “That’ll get em!” Sad! That’s like going at a dude that fucked your girl and saying enjoy my sloppy seconds. Literally. There is zero offense to that, you got cucked so bad it’s better to just submit into the depths of your couch. By the way, who the fuck says “thirsty thirds” ??? Nothing in that phrase makes any sense. It’s absolutely hilarious that this guy is somehow trying to brag that Bill Belichick wanted no part of that Jets dumpster fire. Hilarious.

Also, did anybody notice my avatar on twitter?

jets fan

That has been there since football season started, and was 100% unintentionally set before this guy came swimming in my mentions. Being a Jets fan going at Pats fans is like being a minnow trying to swim upstream in a fast river. If you aren’t a Salmon, you will be washed away. Patriots fans are the alpha’s, the rest of the NFL is full of beta’s. Fuck with us, you can’t.

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