Andrew Luck Will Be Back And Better Than Ever

   Andrew Luck’s status has been changing all year we’ve gone from ready by training camp to ready by week one to season ending IR. Now people are speculating that his career is possibly over Jim Irsay even said it’s all in his head. Of course Irsay blaming it on doctors and even Luck himself is Irsay language for I lied to our fans so they’d buy tickets now I have to cover my ass. 

   Andrew Luck is still recovering from a surgery that usually takes 9-12 months to recover from. As far as I’m concerned there’s no rush for Luck to come back this season his top priority should be getting healthy. Remember he had 4,000+ yards 31tds last season and the was with a torn fucking labrum imagine how good he’s gonna be when he’s fully healthy. The Colts this season are a living example of just how valuable Andrew Luck is to the Colts. The Colts have more problems than Luck’s health. 

  Their roster is not that good and that is where Chris Ballard comes into play. Chris Ballard has already proven just how good he is bringing in a terrific draft class last April headlined by Malik Hooker. The Colts will most likely have a top 5 draft pick since they probably won’t be winning many more games this season. Possible people they could select are CB Minkah Fitzpatrick, OLB Bradley Chubb, or OG Mike McGlinchey. The O-Line has struggled in recent years but realistically they’re just a linemen or two away from having a good o-line. They already have 3 young talented linemen in Ryan Kelly, Jack Mewhort, and Joe Haeg. All the Colts have to do from there is just get one more piece to the puzzle. 

   Now all they need to do is clean house with the coaching staff I mean fire everyone there all bums. I’ve already expressed my displeasure with Chuck Pagano in a previous article and the rest of them are no better. If they can combine a healthy Andrew Luck and an actual coaching staff and a younger more improved roster the Colts can become a very dangerous team. Now that Luck is not gonna play this season he can get healthy get ready by next years training camp and go back to doing what he does best proving the haters and critics wrong. If only they could get rid of Jim Irsay. 


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