Cris Carter Calling Jaylen Brown “Jaylen Smith” Kinda Summarizes How First Things First Has Gone So Far

Pretty sure he was referring to Jaylen Brown the Celtic, not Jaylen Smith, the former Notre Dame, and current Cowboy Linebacker…

I cut up this video while I was watching it on YouTube, and it was definitely blog worthy. Obviously, this wasn’t a Sergio Dipp level fuck up, it was a normal one. But, I honestly feel this summarizes the way FTF has gone since airing in September.

With the way Nick Wright jumped into the spotlight for his LeBron takes, I would think this show would be exhilarating. It really isn’t, Cris Carter and Nick Wright don’t have the “in your face” debate rage that other debate shows have. To top it off, a 6AM time slot for a debate show is honestly stupid.

If you really look at it, debate shows were once (and still are) a hit for sports television. Now, the market is starting to flood like crazy. Just like when blogging started, it became a GIANT hit. But, now everyone and their mother has a damn sports blog. It’s difficult to separate yourself when there is a billion blogs. Same with First Things First in the market of debate shows. That’s why i’m so proud where Phade Sports has gotten in such a vicious market of competition.

I honestly like Nick Wright and Cris Carter – mostly from their appearances on Cowherd. If you want to make a baseball analogy, some guys are meant to be relievers. They’re good in short samples, but can’t handle being the starter. I think that’s what we are seeing here, but it’s honestly early. So, the jury is still out on that.

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