I’m Officially On The Chinese Basketball Bandwagon After Jimmer Fredette & Stephon Marbury Almost Put Their Dukes Up On The Court

Hot take, Chinese basketball is more intense than the NBA… there, I said it. I’m not just being sarcastic to get a chuckle or two. I have reasoning behind this:

If you skip to about a minute in the clip, the entire Beijing fan section is chanting “dumb cunts!” at the opposing team in Chinese. If somebody did that in the NBA fan section it’s a story on first take for a week and Adam Silver would probably have to do a press release.

Not in China, the millennials haven’t stretched their wings into international waters to ruin that yet… lol. Seriously, if you turn Jimmer Fredette from his BYU mormon former self, into a gritty killer on the court who wants to fight Stephon Marbury than you’re doing it right.

LiAngelo Ball really cucked himself, this dude is obviously no NBA prospect, we all know that. He could have gone into Chinese basketball, made a pro living, and played in that atmosphere. Nah, he wanted Louis Vuitton sunglasses that honestly, were probably fake. Wouldn’t shock me if that shop was a rip off Vuitton establishment that sells fake shit for $10 when it’s made for $1. They are probably one of those places that advertises “FREE Sunglasses!” and makes you pay $15 for shipping and you won’t get them in the mail for a month.

On top of that skirmish, Jimmer balled out and the game went to OT.

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