Philadelphia Eagles Contenders Or Pretenders

    As of right now the Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the NFL through 9 games. That’s right the Philadelphia Eagles a team that wasn’t wildly considered a playoff team holds the leagues best record. The Eagles only got better by adding Jay Ajayi for a fourth round draft pick. Now they’ve made it this far so now we must ask ourselves are the Eagles contenders or pretenders.

The Eagles appear to be unstoppable right now as they have won 7 straight games with Carson Wentz looking like an MVP candidate. Their only blemish on the year is a 7 point loss in Kansas City all the way back in week 2. They have a point differential of +104 which is second behind only the Los Angles Rams. The Eagles put up 51 points on the Denver defense last week they scored so many points that the stadium ran out of fireworks for their celebrations. While their offense has been great this year their defense has snagged 11 interceptions which is 3rd in the league.

The Eagles can throw the ball, they can run the ball, and they can take the ball away that certainly seems like a recipe for January success. So to answer my own question I do think the Eagles are contenders and I do think that they could go to the Super Bowl this year. Now that being said can they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl that is an entirely different question. The Eagles certainly have a shot the Pats aren’t unbeatable but there certainly close to it. The Eagles high octane offense vs Tom Brady is certainly a matchup I’m looking forward to watching. Although imagine if somehow Pittsburgh snuck in and Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia in the Super Bowl it won’t happen but hey a man can dream.


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