Thank Fuck The Orlando Summer League Finally Got Cancelled

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

Hoops Rumors:

The Magic won’t host their summer league in 2018, according to Josh Robbins of The Orlando Sentinel. Instead, Orlando will join most of the rest of the league with an entry in the Las Vegas Summer League.

You’re about 4 years too late NBA. The Orlando Summer League is like getting shitty pizza when you’re loaded because there’s only one spot open. It’s crap, it’s at a premium, but it’s there. The Orlando Magic summer league is the worst collection of teams to play summer league literally every season. It’s always the teams the draft like shit or the middle of the pack teams that have no marquee prospects. It’s like the Magic, Pistons, Thunder, Knicks, Heat and so on.

It’s complete barf because it’s basically a glorified D-League. I think Mario Hezonja was the top prospect last season in that summer league and this dude SUCKS eggs in the NBA. On top of it, don’t you think it’s a bad business decision to have live NBA games in a practice gym, in Orlando of all places, where the bleachers are no bigger than the average charter school?

Las Vegas has a legit arena, ya know – where they can sell legit tickets and make killer money. People are on vacation in Florida, want to see a game, and get a glorified YMCA men’s league game, probably in a worse gym. Which makes the viewing experience even more boring, It’s like watching golf with some shoe squeaks. Good riddance Orlando Summer League, glad the Magic sacked up and joined the big boys.


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