How to Lose a Fan Base in 11 Weeks, By Ben McAdoo

He did it folks. Ben McAdoo has done the unthinkable. No no, it wasn’t the play calling that has caused the Giants to score under 30 points every single game they’ve played since McAdoo became head coach. It also wasn’t the lack of discipline or control over the locker room, which McAdoo has evidenced this season. He decided that Geno Smith gave his team a better chance to win this Sunday, instead of the man who has stood under center for the past 210 games for the Giants, Eli Manning. Yup, the Eli Manning that has put on his helmet every game since 2004, also the same guy who won 2 Super Bowl MVPs.

Has Manning been super sharp this season? No, but who has their best season when their top 3 receivers are out for an extended period of time, including one of the best play-makers in the NFL in Odell. He also came into the season with one of the worst offensives lines in football (credit to Ereck Flowers though, who has improved all season long). But Eli is our guy, through thick and thin, and there have been a heavy amount of both.

When you’re set back by injuries and a poor offensive line, how can you expect your quarterback to lead a team of misfits? Your coaching certainly didn’t help, Ben. Your play call, trash. Your leadership skills, trash. Your hair, Juandissimo without the ponytail.


So goodnight sweet prince They haven’t fired McAdoo yet, it’s not “The Giant Way” but when Week 17 finishes off, hit my music!

P.S.- Benedict Arnold? More like Benedict McAdoo! I’ll be here all week don’t forget to tip the waitresses

P. P.S. Eli and Coughlin bringing a Super Bowl to Jacksonville next year will be so bittersweet. I love you Eli.



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