The Pontiac Silverdome: The Building that Survived a Demolition

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

How is your Sunday morning going? Good? I’d wager a guess and say it’s probably started better than the Sunday morning for the fine folks at the Detroit-based Adamo Group.

The Adamo Group is the demolition company that was charged with turning the Pontiac Silverdome into just a memory this morning.  Some might say that a failure to bring down the stadium that was once home of the only team in NFL history to complete a season without a single win is the perfect metaphor.  There must be some sort of cosmic force at play that won’t let anything go right at 1200 Featherstone Road.  How else would you explain the fact that the franchise that drafted both Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders, two of the most talented football players at their respective positions, has only won one playoff game in the last 59 years!

There hasn’t been an NFL stadium implosion related debacle since that time the Weather Channel set up a camera to film the demolition of the Georgia Dome, the former home of the Atlanta Falcons.

On the positive, the fact that the Silverdome is still standing shows just how sturdy the former home of both the Lions and Pistons is.  It is doubtful that any other sports arena, built in the past or even more recently, would be able to withstand such an explosive force.


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