Took Long Enough….

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

rapp 2

*Mike Breen Voice* BANG!!!!

But then….

rapp 1

*Brent Musburger Voice* You are looking LIVE at me reading those tweets!



In all honesty, this move should have came before McAdoo decided it was time to bench Eli, especially in the fashion he did it in. Also, Jerry Reese undoubtedly sucked at his job anywho, he really nailed the Ereck Flowers, David Wilson, and Eli Apple picks (just to name first rounders). The damage has already been done, the decisions McAdoo made this past week were basically the millionth nail in the coffin.

Firing McAdoo and Reese doesn’t save the season, and actually might make the Giants look worse for stopping Eli’s streak just to fire them both today, but then again, Benny put all his eggs in Geno Smith’s basket. I guess thanks to Geno for being so trash?

Remember when the Giants needed to run the Super Bowl winning Head Coach out of town because McAdoo was such an offensive genius?


Miss you Grandpa


Cue the music!!!!!!!!!


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