Bills Fans Are Like Amazon, The Second You Think They Peak, Amazing Happens

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

With the Bills getting blown out during fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Saints, there wasn’t much to cheer about for the few remaining fans at New Era Field. However, that all changed when one man decided to get naked and bravely run across the field in Buffalo temperatures that were hovering in the low-40s. 

The 75-yard run by the nude man was arguably the biggest highlight of the day for Bills fans, who watched their team get blown out 47-10. During the man’s run across the field, hundreds of fans were cheering him on. 

Here’s some video of the incident that was taken from the upper deck. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the NSFW video from the lower deck because he’s naked, but you can check that out here as long as you heed the NSFW warning. 

Buffalo, a place of snow, football, and fans. Every week, we sit back into our cushions just waiting for another Bills Mafia video. Usually, when we see a new Bills Mafia video, it’s just a variation of slamming someone on a table, or setting them on fire.

Then, we get one that is completely wild from the clouds. The Dildo toss of 2016, and now the streaker of 2017, and yet another Dildo toss of 2017. He’s not your typical Bills Mafia guy though, he’s got the build of Conor McGregor and has the locks of a hockey player. He bursted off the bleachers and hit the gap, taking the carry for 75 yards and led the Buffalo Bills in rushing despite an embarrassing game.

Just like Amazon, Bills Mafia dominates the internet while at the same time not having an exact system, it’s the best of everything. When Amazon has a Prime Day, or National Holiday, their stock and Jeff Bezos’s networth skyrocket in the air like the latest dildo toss. I’m not sure what the Bills Mafia stock price looks like, but i’m ready to invest into them instead of bitcoin, upside fellas. Buy low, sell high.

Regardless of internet dominance, you need major media influence on your side. In 2013, Amazon purchased the Washington Post, giving them a huge advantage on the media landscape. This is the Bills Mafia’s next move, they have their brand established, and growing at a big rate. This weekend, Barstool Sports paid a little visit to Bills Mafia for the second time in the last 3 years.

Bills Mafia must buy Barstool Sports. The fastest rising brands colliding? utter dominance. Like, ’85 Bears dominance – like, college freshman girls vs. a bottle of Smirnoff type dominance. Whatever it takes, Bills Mafia needs to recruit their very best group of investors, put their chips, tables, and maddog 2020 in together because we needs these brands to merge like I need a cup of coffee in the big time.

Just like Amazon, despite a couple of distinct leaders, Bills Mafia is an open marketplace tailored to the common man, just trying to make a buck, and get a deal. Anyone can get a bottle of maddog 2020, strap on a helmet, and meet face to table in the name of freedom. That’s capitalism folks. ‘Merica. Also, tailgator prices are significantly lower than the retailer, always stick it to the man!

Amazon recently bought Whole Foods, giving them a niche in the food retail business. I’m assuming Billsmafia doesn’t go to grocery stores, so here’s a solution – buy a majority stake in George Foreman Grills, and a hefty amount of livestock to keep the Mafia nourished. Who needs kale chips when you got a sweet slab of tenderloins and a cup of milk straight from the Cow’s tit.

The internet is great, but what’s next for the Bills Mafia to be seen? That would be TV folks. Amazon recently got streaming rights to Thursday Night Football, this is it. These are the big lights Bills Mafia is yearning to see. This is where the similarities become realities, and the brands collide, the metamorphosis of the 21st century. Watch out, Bills Mafia WILL become an empire.


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