I Know How to Fix The NFL

Sit or Start Fantasy Football

So most fans across the country  probably have the same thoughts as I do about the NFL product on the field this season. “These guys are fucking trash!” we say from our couches as another quick slant is thrown too high, dropping the Doritos bag off our stomachs. There aren’t many teams that you’re willing to sit down and watch if they’re not your favorite team. I can name like 5 teams in the NFL, that aren’t my hometown team, I will enjoy watching, (Patriots, Falcons, Saints, Steelers and the Eagles) and it’s down to 4 now that Carson Wentz has torn his ACL.

Now, lets role play for a second and pretend I’m speaking with Roger Goodell. First off, I would say congrats and that I love his work. Then, when me and Roger sit down for a beer and chat about the league, I gotta pitch some ideas to him to try and make the NFL more watchable for the casual fans. Get better players? Easier said than done. Make it more violent? I think we’re ok on that front (CTE and all).

That leads me to my billion dollar idea. Lets stop flagging players for taunting. These are grown men out here getting paid to play football, an emotional game, just ask Mike Mitchell, he doesn’t seem afraid to tell you.

What is more fun than a good play followed up by shit talk? Nothing I tell you. They don’t (strictly)call you the “No Fun League” because you’re not allowed to smoke pot,  Josh Gordon. The players just don’t have chance to have fun on the field because you’re most likely getting a flag when you stunt on a corner for scoring on them.


Nothing ruins the flow of a game quite like a dumbass penalty that doesn’t need to be called, and taunting is the definition of said penalty. We aren’t in the business of getting feelings hurt in professional sports, time to act like these guys aren’t cry babies. Tell them Charles!

Let the boys play.


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