Why The NFL Needs To Finally Pull The Plug On Thursday Night Football

Look NFL you tried you did everything you could to make TNF work but it’s just not working. The players hate it nobody watches it logic dictates it must go right? While most logically thinking people would agree for some reason the NFL is adamant about it staying.

First of all and I cannot stress this enough the players hate it they hate it with a passion. Realistically why wouldn’t they hate it they have to cram a weeks worth of game prep, conditioning, practice, and everything else that goes into a football game in just 3 days. That puts players at a bigger risk for injury just look at the Saints the other week they were a walking hospital bed and Drew Brees and Kenny Vaccaro both said it was 100% because of TNF. Even Doug Baldwin said “It should be illegal” after many Seahawks got hurt on a Thursday.

Now the NFL wouldn’t be the NFL if they didn’t neglect player safety just to make a quick buck. However Thursday Night Football ratings go down and down with each week. Now ratings have been plummeting all year whether its boycotters or sloppy play TNF has taken the biggest hit. It doesn’t help that the games are usually shit and realistically why wouldn’t they be. Short prep time, below average teams, angry players who are getting hurt all the time, and empty arenas seems like a recipe for some all time classics.

Now to the NFL’s credit they’ve tried and tried to make TNF work. They expanded the ways you can watch from just NFL Network which not everyone gets to playing on CBS, NBC, even Twitter. The matchups have been getting better this year with some the NFL’s best teams and rivals meeting on Thursday Night. Then again for every Falcons-Saints game there’s a Dolphins-Ravens head scratcher. They even broke out the Color Rush concept which on paper was a great but has been executed poorly. There are some cool Color Rush jerseys but there are some hideous ones too(just look at the jags ones).

All logic points to Thursday Night Football being a bad idea that just cannot work. Now the NFL’s catch rules and concussion protocol clearly show that they do not like things that make sense. Anyone with eyes can see that TNF is a failure and the NFL just needs to put it out of its misery while it still has its dignity. Now we all know TNF is here to stay because the NFL just doesn’t like us or its players. Now if the NFL was smart(which they’re not) than they would finally end this horrible experiment.


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