The Patriots Have Just Signed The Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook

The Patriots have gone to great lengths to steal playbooks in the past but signing a longtime Steeler and more importantly a pissed off former Steeler to give them the playbook thats unprecedented even for New England.

James Harrison has been with the Steelers for a total of 12 seasons through 3 different stints and for about 3 or 4 years during his most recent one.  Harrison has made his displeasure with his playing time or lack there off very public this year having only appeared in 5 of 14 possible games this year. Harrison even said that if he knew that Pittsburgh wasn’t gonna play him that much this season he would’ve never resigned with Pittsburgh. His anger with the team and its coaching staff is most likely what lead to his ultimate release which may have been the biggest mistake the Steelers have made in a long time. Now James Harrison is on the streets with all that anger and all that information which always seems to be where Bill Belichick comes into the story

As if the Patriots winning the Super Bowl wasn’t already a wrap it is 1000% confirmed now nobody has a chance the only hope is that Minnesota makes it and gets a favorable home crowd but even then the Patriots have won 15 of their last 16 road games so that won’t matter. An angry James Harrison I’m sure will ready and willing to share some secrets about his old team with his new coach and best friend Bill Belichick. Now here’s where the part about only playing in 5 games comes into play because now not only is he angry, motivated, and under Belichick’s system but he’s fresh and has a dirty history on top of all that god help the NFL this January.


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