Philly Fans Just Lathered Up A Cowboys Fan With Mustard After Losing Sunday’s Game

Jesus. That’s some spiteful shit right there. But, nobody who has watched football for more than a minute should be shocked this is how a Philly/Dallas game ended. They’re the two worst fan bases colliding in the grundle valley of Philadelphia. Philly fans acting like buffoons? not shocking the slightest. Say what you want about pats fans being arrogant and everything. But, we don’t cheer when a player is hurt or assault Santa, or spray unwanted condiments on people. that’s a fact. Also, the mustard move, that’s a Bills Mafia thing. Philly fans are just stealing the mustard move from Bills fans and putting their own sadistic spiteful twist on it that Philly does best. But, Cowboy fans not reacting to it?  that’s incredibly shocking.

I have no clue what was going through this guys head but you can’t just walk away from that. Yeah, you could get an assault charge if you retaliate, but you are also on the verge of losing your manhood there. Being lathered in mustard in public is not a good look. Also, what’s gucci with the pink cowboy hat there? Was he two months late on breast cancer awareness month or is he just a little too schnockered to care? Either he didn’t want to fight the guy, or it was a good ole fashion walk of shame after beating a team on their own home turf. You know, the equivalent of a high school fan section screaming “scoreboard” at the opposing team. Just take the “fuck you’s” and ride off into the sunset.


Categories: Entertainment, Funny, NFL

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