Six Years Ago Today, Tim Tebow Officially Became A Miracle Worker By Stunning The Steelers In OT 29-23

Six years ago, Tim Tebow was sprinkled in holy water as he beat a very good Steelers team, lighting them up for 29 points, and dancing on their graves with an 80 yard strike in the first play of OT to Demaryius Thomas. The reason I’m blogging this is because I became a Tebow fanboy for that game, solely because I wanted the Pats to face the Broncos instead of a good Steelers defense.

What I thought was gonna happen, did. The Pats then blew Tebow out of the water like 45-10. Tebow coming into Gillette against Belichick was the most predictable blowout ever. To top it off, Brady had 6 touchdowns in that game, absolute massacre. So, thank you Tim Tebow, for making Belichick’s job that much easier 6 years ago today. It’s also relevant to today, because 6 years later the Steelers are still suffering heartbreaking late season losses. Some things never change fellas.


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