Some Moron In Hawaii Sent Out A Ballistic Missile Warning By Accident

No, this is not some North Korea joke, no it’s not your heavy hungover eyes reading some Trump tweet. Your IPhone is literally telling you that you’re gonna get blown up. So 2018, am I right?

Alright, what the hell happened? Is this the classic ICloud hack from some very skilled troll? Or did they have a legitimate tip for it? Regardless, somebody is getting fired, and probably won’t be seen again. If you fuck up in a government job like that, I would think the penalty is being banished to area 51. Even though an alert like that can scare the remains of your Buffalo Wild Wings right out of you, at least there’s some humor to go with this:

Interesting theory. There have been a lot of weird things happening with the Titans leading up to this game. RIGGED!!



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