Bandwagons I Will Never Get On: The “Dilly Dilly” Commercial and HQ Trivia

It seems like everyday now, some stupid catchphrase, or app goes super viral to the point your grandmother gets involved. Overall, I am sort of anti-trend in the internet world. I hate the Warriors, despise the “old NBA is better” narrative, watch high school basketball more than the NBA, and wish Lil Pump and Young Thug never picked up a mic. And I don’t play a single IPhone game, ever. Hell, I barely even use any app outside of Twitter. Because I make money off it. I’m 19 but my brain is probably dialed up to 50.

With that being said, if you go on twitter, you can’t avoid the pea brain simpletons with pepe the frog as their avatar replying “Dilly Dilly!” on every fucking tweet. I didn’t see the commercial when it first went viral, and I’m certainly not going to give it a try now. What does Dilly Dilly mean? maybe it’s exclusive to the commercial, idk. But i’m not going to find out. If you’re going to be hovering in a comment section on twitter, put more effort into that. There’s integrity to the troll game.

HQ Trivia, seems like a mindless game you play in a waiting room while some 4 year old kicks you in the knee repeatedly. Apparently, you can win money, but it’s jack shit, get ya like a pack of cigarettes. it’s such an obsession that their are idiots like this, crying their eyes out for winning 11 dollars.

Jesus Christ. I always thought the worst people ever were the folks that buy 70 bucks in scratch tickets at a gas station, when I’m just trying to put 10 bucks in my tank. I don’t care if those people lose every paycheck they earn, just get the fuck out of my way. Anyway, if you think i’m wasting a second of my time playing garbage that wins you nothing you’re mistaken. Nobody cares about your overused Bud Light catchphrase, nobody cares about your stupid IPhone game that wins you 4 dollars.

Please fuck off.





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