Who Was CP3 Laughing At?

So this past weekend the Rockets and Warriors squared off in what potentially is going to be the WCF and my man CP3 had a clip go viral. Surprisingly, this time the clip wasn’t Chris Paul picking himself up off the court because of Steph Curry.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, we finally got the reason why CP3 walked away like his teacher just tried being hip. That quirky Steve Kerr did it again folks, that guy just gets players!

Chris Paul was fake laughing at Steve Kerr. 😂 (via @thestarters)

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CP3 had himself some past couple weeks. Between sneaking around like Indiana Jones in the Staples Center and now clowning on Steve Kerr, you would never even think that he was the President of National Basketball Players Association.

It’s been well documented that CP3 and the Warriors aren’t exactly the best of pals, but now that he is on a team that actually could make the Warriors play six games in a series, maybe there will be some real rivalry to come out of this.

Just wait until LeBron, Melo and Wade go down to Houston. James Harden will wish he never touched a basketball before! Look out Warriors, here come the 36 year olds!



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