Well, This Is Goodbye, Phade Sports


In July 2017 a high school friend and I decided we wanted to create our own blog where we had our own voice. That sufficied into PhadeSports.com – the expectations were pretty high to be honest, I was looking to create income relatively early. Most freelancers jump on the blog game and try to go in raw not expecting the actual reality of blogging. It pays jack-shit. Especially at first. If you aren’t willing to do it 40-50 hours a week at first working gig to gig, you won’t get anywhere. Unless you have corporate financial backing like those frauds at 12up, or SEO nerds.

Anyway, I spent months building the twitter account to the audience it has now, and I just can’t keep up anymore. I’ve ran through more freelancers than DL’s have ran through the Seahawks OL. With the current climate in my life, full time blogging and twitter management is impossible now on this specific site. I would assume most people notice the twitter hasn’t been active. The only activity I’m doing is running our current social media ad deals out.

With that being said, did this site reach the expectations thought of before the inaugural launch? Not close in a financial sense. My dumbass had big $$ on my brain. Summer heat will get to ya, am I right? We had limited advertisers due to the traffic tank in recent months and lost all revenue. Since our launch I have taken new gigs that have more direct financial impact on me, this is my job during college, it’s how I get my natty lights and croissants folks. With that being said, my editorial work has been focused on TheHoopCentral.com and my recently popular twitter account @HoopsProvider. With all of these newfound content responsibilities and a dozen sponsors it’s hard to bang out a quick Coach Cal rant. I wish I could.

Even though I have gigs that support me better financially, I still miss being the only gatekeeper on an entire site and social media platform. I don’t like being buttoned up. I’d rather not be involved in content at all if I have to write boring fluff and can’t write off my brain. The biggest success of the blog has been the vehicle created to land newer gigs. The biggest reason I have been controlling the operations at thehoopcentral.com is off of what I learned through the Phade Sports process. Had no fucking clue how to code an advert in July. Hell, I couldn’t figure out how to share a twitter video in June.

I also have a new gig starting for me in May, i’ll be running a Barstool Sports college affiliate blog and its social platforms with nearly 50k followers. It’s vitally important to my mission as a blogger so it’s a no brainer. So I have to put 100% into this. How did I land this gig? Well, if I didn’t ever run operations here, I doubt I would have had the knowledge to land newer gigs like I said. So, in that sense, big success. It also paved the way for Jason to start up InfiniteColts.com which is his Colts blog that he has been wanting to start for a while (Colts still suck dick).

With that being said, Phade Sports will always be MY blog. I’m not selling this to anybody (doubt it would gain traction for a sale) – and i’m not giving operations to a freelancer, this will be the LAST post on the website. Twitter account will run out ads and then be sold. I’m not saying this blog was a revolutionary site that broke a mold in the industry like Kissing Suzy Kolber or Barstool, but it dramatically affected my career.

My biggest advice for newer bloggers, you don’t want to go at this half-assed. If you do, it will be VERY obvious, you can’t fake it. You have to be a hermit loser – my advice, be the loser young sensei. If you do, and constantly seek out different jobs, it only advances your resume and gives you different experiences. Try not to be a niche writer if you can, try to be versatile in the blog game, it will only open you to more in what is a flooded market. Fuck, I interviewed for a blog manager postion about Mississippi State For SB Nation. I don’t give a shit about Mississippi as a state, never mind the second best college sports school in it. Lol.

To the NBA ranks list that triggered commenters, to the Kendall Jenner/ Blake Griffin leaks, and many Coach Cal blogs, and trashing Kristine Leahy, I say thanks to the thousands of readers and followers on social media. On to the next.

PS: If you’re interested in buying the twitter account, send a message to it, my DM’s are open.


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