Dwane Casey Is About To Go From Coach of The Year To Shit-Canned In The Span of A Week

CBS Sports:

“Executives around the league anticipate that the Raptors will make a coaching change, though there are no guarantees after Toronto’s success this regular season. In addition to the candidates being interviewed by other teams with openings, the Raptors have three internal candidates—assistants Nick Nurse and Rex Kalamian, and G League coach Jerry Stackhouse—that could be promoted to head coach. Nurse spoke with the Suns and Hornets about their head-coach vacancies, according to multiple reports, and is widely considered by executives to be one of the best assistants in the league. Nurse, not Casey, is credited with leading the charge in changing the offensive system. If Casey is told to take care, Nurse should be the favorite for his position.” 

Oh mighty do we have a plot twist —  nothing about the aftermath of this shit-pump from the Cavaliers was going to go smoothly. Derozan looks like a joke of a player, their only celebrity was neutered on national TV, Toronto is now deemed ‘LeBronto’ — and now Dwane Casey’s tenure in the six is about to go down in flames. The only situation I can compare to this was the David Blatt experience in Cleveland. He got canned right before the All-Star game when the Cavaliers were the the #1 seed. The running joke during that debacle was that there was a chance Blatt could still coach the all star game.

Let’s be honest, if Blatt was forced to do that — that would be the basketball equivalent of being castrated in front of a public audience. As far as Casey goes, if he gets fired — I am sure he will be the hot commodity of the coaching carousel during the NBA offseason. Honesty, it does not matter who they appoint to take over at HC — their team consists of mental midgets, nothing will change next year or the year after. Same goes for the Wall/Beal Wizards — Lillard/CJ Blazers, these teams don’t win titles — no matter when the comment section under SportsCenter tweets say.

0-FUCKED real quick am I right???


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