From Dark Knight, To Injured Star, Minor League Bum, And Now Reds Starting Pitcher (We Think).


The Dark Knight’s time in New York is over. 

The Mets traded Matt Harvey to the Reds before playing Cincinnati on Tuesday, acquiring catcher Devin Mesoraco in the process.

Harvey was designated for assignment last week after refusing to be sent down to the minor leagues. He had previously been removed from the rotation and placed in the bullpen, finishing with an 0-2 mark and a 7.00 ERA in 27 innings. Over six seasons with the Mets, the 29-year-old sported a 34-37 record to go with a 3.66 ERA

(I really hope this Mets reporter was being sarcastic, because if he wasn’t — this Mets collapse will kill him)

The last couple days in sports has been odd. We went from covering two of the biggest rises in recent memory in the Caps overcoming the Pens, and Vegas going to the WCF in their first season as an NHL team. Well, we now have two of the biggest falls in sports from recent memory. I just wrote about Dwane Casey being on the verge of an oust in Toronto, and now Matt Harvey is being sent to the depths of hell that is being a Cincinnati Red. If he thought being in the Mets minor league system would be brutal — just imagine living in a place that glorifies Skyline Chili as their local delicacy.

(yes they seriously made their noodles green for St. Paddy’s day). 

Even in the stock photos it looks like a plate of shit with more definitely real cheese on top. The Skyline marketing team must have spent more time on the looks of that promo image than your average chick spends on an Instagram candid. Anyway, back to the beisbol stuff — The Cincinnati Reds are simply the worst team in the MLB. Nothing really changes with that franchise, they lose games, sell no tickets — and I am sure Homer Bailey is still starting games for them. Seriously, Ronald Acuna hit his first career home run there a week or two ago — and I’m sure the crack of the bat is still rippling through downtown Cincy because literally NOBODY was there. The Joe Schmo in the upper deck had all the time in the world to make a play on the incoming souvenir. Maybe this ends up working out for Harvey, because there is literally no pressure pitching for the Reds. But all I can say is be careful what you wish for.

“You’re not kicking me out I’m leaving!” – Matt Harvey (Probably)


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