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I Know How to Fix The NFL

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So most fans across the country  probably have the same thoughts as I do about the NFL product on the field this season. “These guys are fucking trash!” we say from our couches as another quick slant is thrown too high, dropping the Doritos bag off our stomachs. There aren’t many teams that you’re willing to sit down and watch if they’re not your favorite team. I can name like 5 teams in the NFL, that aren’t my hometown team, I will enjoy watching, (Patriots, Falcons, Saints, Steelers and the Eagles) and it’s down to 4 now that Carson Wentz has torn his ACL.

Now, lets role play for a second and pretend I’m speaking with Roger Goodell. First off, I would say congrats and that I love his work. Then, when me and Roger sit down for a beer and chat about the league, I gotta pitch some ideas to him to try and make the NFL more watchable for the casual fans. Get better players? Easier said than done. Make it more violent? I think we’re ok on that front (CTE and all).

That leads me to my billion dollar idea. Lets stop flagging players for taunting. These are grown men out here getting paid to play football, an emotional game, just ask Mike Mitchell, he doesn’t seem afraid to tell you.

What is more fun than a good play followed up by shit talk? Nothing I tell you. They don’t (strictly)call you the “No Fun League” because you’re not allowed to smoke pot,  Josh Gordon. The players just don’t have chance to have fun on the field because you’re most likely getting a flag when you stunt on a corner for scoring on them.


Nothing ruins the flow of a game quite like a dumbass penalty that doesn’t need to be called, and taunting is the definition of said penalty. We aren’t in the business of getting feelings hurt in professional sports, time to act like these guys aren’t cry babies. Tell them Charles!

Let the boys play.

Ohtani to the Angels

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Thought this guy didn’t wanna go to a big market? I guess he didn’t go to the bigger LA team so there’s that argument. He also gets to play under the shadow of the best in the world

and Mike Trout too. I really hope this also means that signing with the Angels, Ohtani will bring more national games for the Angels so I can see plays like this a lot more often.

I guess you can say the Angels have big player appeal? It would be a shame if he didn’t live up to his potential, but then again when has a Japanese player let down fans after they were hyped to be the “Next Big Thing”?


MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies


P.S. At least he didn’t sign with the fucking Yankees

Took Long Enough….

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rapp 2

*Mike Breen Voice* BANG!!!!

But then….

rapp 1

*Brent Musburger Voice* You are looking LIVE at me reading those tweets!



In all honesty, this move should have came before McAdoo decided it was time to bench Eli, especially in the fashion he did it in. Also, Jerry Reese undoubtedly sucked at his job anywho, he really nailed the Ereck Flowers, David Wilson, and Eli Apple picks (just to name first rounders). The damage has already been done, the decisions McAdoo made this past week were basically the millionth nail in the coffin.

Firing McAdoo and Reese doesn’t save the season, and actually might make the Giants look worse for stopping Eli’s streak just to fire them both today, but then again, Benny put all his eggs in Geno Smith’s basket. I guess thanks to Geno for being so trash?

Remember when the Giants needed to run the Super Bowl winning Head Coach out of town because McAdoo was such an offensive genius?


Miss you Grandpa


Cue the music!!!!!!!!!

College Football Judgment Day is Upon Us

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*The Rock Voice* FINALLY, the best weekend of college football, has come back! Tonight starts out the first of five top 15 match-ups this weekend and I’m here to give you all your picks that you probably will end up fading.

Current Record on the year: 173 – 4 – 1, (I get the spreads earlier than everyone else)

#12 Stanford (9-3) vs #10 USC (10-2) Friday, 8PM EST
Line – USC (-3.5) O/U 59
Last  Meeting Between Teams- USC 42-24

USC has all the talent in the country, it always seems like they just fall flat at some points during a season. They have their typical two losses out of the way. Stanford is coming off their best win of the season, over Notre Dame. Also, no same team has ever beaten Stanford twice in a season since 1913. Records were meant to be broken.

I’ll take USC and the points in a battle of differing styles, and D’Arnold puts on a show


USC 38-31
USC (-3.5) Over 59

#11 TCU (10-2) vs #3 Oklahoma (11-1) Saturday, 12:30PM EST
Line – Oklahoma (-7) O/U 63.5
Last  Meeting Between Teams- Oklahoma 38-20

TCU comes into this game looking to spoil the Sooners shot at the CFP, and they are doing it close to home. TCU campus is located a cool 25 minute drive from AT&T Stadium, so expect the Horned Frog’s to have a steady diet of fans behind them. For Oklahoma, a W here would all but lock up a Heisman for our guy Baker Mayfield, so knowing these stakes expect him to put on a show.

If TCU wants to stay within the number, they’ll have to get a great game out of Kenny Hill, and I expect this one to be closer than expected. Oklahoma punches their ticket to the CFP, but with Mayfield getting the last laugh

Oklahoma 31-28
TCU (+7), Under 62.5 

#6 Georgia (11-1) vs #2 Auburn (10-2) Saturday, 4:00 PM EST
Line – Auburn (-1.5) O/U 48
Last  Meeting Between Teams – Auburn 40-17

Auburn has been on a tear, beating two #1 teams in the past 3 weeks (Georgia and Alabama in the Iron Bowl). Auburn is very reliant on their running game, and there are question marks in the backfield for the Tigers with starting RB Kerryon Johnson suffering an injury late in the Iron Bowl. Johnson has had over 100 yards in each other last 4 games, and if he is absent it’ll be a big adjustment for Auburn. Georgia has not disappointed, with the exception of the Auburn game, all season. It is also very difficult to beat a top tier team twice in three weeks.


Georgia 23-17
Georgia (+1.5), Georgia ML, Under 48

#7 Miami (10-1) vs #1 Clemson (11-1) Saturday, 8:00 PM EST
Line – Clemson (-9.5) O/U 46.5

These teams have not met this season so there will be a feeling out process at the beginning of this one, I have a feeling the offenses won’t be able to find a rhythm to start so bonus take the 1st half under, if that doesn’t work it’s not my fault you took my advice. Both of these defenses are fast and hungry, winner of this one is all but guaranteed a birth in the CFP. Miami is 2-9 this season going under the O/U so look out for that, but I think Clemson has the fire power and experience to win and cover.


Clemson 27-10
Clemson (-9.5), Under 46.5

#8 Ohio State (10-2) vs #4 Wisconsin (12-0) Saturday, 8:00 PM EST
Line – Ohio State (-6.0) O/U 51

Wisconsin is the lone team in the Power 5 that is still undefeated at this point, and they have been catching some heat for their scheduling. I am one of those people giving them shit for it. Look, when the best team you’ve played all year is a sorry ass Michigan team at home, you deserve it. But could this be the year for the Badgers? Do they have the recipe? JT Barrett is hobbled, Ohio State doesn’t look as great as they usually do. But, I’ll always take the Buckeyes over Wisconsin until they prove otherwise.

urban meyer

Ohio State 34-20

Ohio State (-6.0), Over 51

Recap: USC -3.5, Over 59
TCU +7, Under 62.5
Georgia ML and +1.5, Under 48
Clemson -9.5, Under 46.5
Ohio State -6.5, Over 51

Thanks for bearing through this MLA formatted essay and good luck this weekend

PS There’s gotta be a scandal coming to Florida State right? Jimbo Fisher basically had to wait until Bobby Bowden couldn’t speak to snag that job, and he just up and runs to one of the weaker SEC jobs? Just remember who called it first when something comes out

How to Lose a Fan Base in 11 Weeks, By Ben McAdoo

He did it folks. Ben McAdoo has done the unthinkable. No no, it wasn’t the play calling that has caused the Giants to score under 30 points every single game they’ve played since McAdoo became head coach. It also wasn’t the lack of discipline or control over the locker room, which McAdoo has evidenced this season. He decided that Geno Smith gave his team a better chance to win this Sunday, instead of the man who has stood under center for the past 210 games for the Giants, Eli Manning. Yup, the Eli Manning that has put on his helmet every game since 2004, also the same guy who won 2 Super Bowl MVPs.

Has Manning been super sharp this season? No, but who has their best season when their top 3 receivers are out for an extended period of time, including one of the best play-makers in the NFL in Odell. He also came into the season with one of the worst offensives lines in football (credit to Ereck Flowers though, who has improved all season long). But Eli is our guy, through thick and thin, and there have been a heavy amount of both.

When you’re set back by injuries and a poor offensive line, how can you expect your quarterback to lead a team of misfits? Your coaching certainly didn’t help, Ben. Your play call, trash. Your leadership skills, trash. Your hair, Juandissimo without the ponytail.


So goodnight sweet prince They haven’t fired McAdoo yet, it’s not “The Giant Way” but when Week 17 finishes off, hit my music!

P.S.- Benedict Arnold? More like Benedict McAdoo! I’ll be here all week don’t forget to tip the waitresses

P. P.S. Eli and Coughlin bringing a Super Bowl to Jacksonville next year will be so bittersweet. I love you Eli.


Marvin Bagley Proved Why He’s The Man

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PK80 did not disappoint, unlike some other tournaments and some other teams (looking at you, Arizona). Between the two brackets, there were five ranked teams, including #1 Duke, #4 Michigan State (who won the Victory bracket) , #7 Florida , #9 North Carolina  and #17 Gonzaga, five teams that have serious national championship aspirations, and there was one guy who stood out most in the whole field.

#1 recruit out of high school, after he reclassified for eligibility, was Marvin Bagley, the 6’11” Power Forward for Duke and a lot of NBA scouts have named Bagley their #1 prospect. He played like it this weekend. Between the three comeback wins, where Bagley was the catalyst, the freshman averaged over 27 points and 15 rebounds a game on 55% shooting from the field.  On the season, sans the Michigan State game where Bagley left with an injury, Bagley would is posting about 25 points and 12 rebounds a game.

The skill set of Bagley is rare, so rare that people speculate that he has the ability to be a face of an NBA franchise today at the age of 18. Many have said the spark to this Duke team was going to be the senior Grayson Allen, but as Bagley goes, Duke goes. With a vicious comeback of #7 Florida last night, who looked like a perennial Final Four team, the Blue Devils could be looking  at a run that the 2015 Kentucky Wildcats could be jealous of.

Joe Morgan Wrote a Letter To The Baseball Hall of Fame, Like It’s The 1800’s, About Steroid Users, And Has Transformed Into Abe Simpson

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It’s always a hot topic with baseball purists, whether or not guys like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and other noted PED users should be allowed to be enshrined in Cooperstown. Joe Morgan, former second basemen of the Reds during the era of “The Big Red Machine”, thought it was time the voters heard what he had to say, because obviously his opinion means oh so much.

Morgan is quoted in his letter by saying “…it still occurs to me that anyone who took body-altering chemicals in a deliberate effort to cheat the game we love, not to mention they cheated current and former players, and fans too, doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. By cheating, they put up huge numbers, and they made great players who didn’t cheat look smaller by comparison, taking away from their achievements and consideration for the Hall of Fame. That’s not right.”

Come on Joe, just because you got the luxury of hitting guys who topped off at 88 mph doesn’t mean that what Bonds, Clemens, etc. did for the game of baseball should have less leverage. Bonds won 3 MVPs before he even got ripped up, the guy is arguably the greatest baseball player of all time.

Bonds supposedly started using after the 1998 season, look at these numbers before he began using, you have an argument that these alone should get him a plaque.


As someone who grew up watching Bonds, I see more and more players getting into the Hall over him that couldn’t hold a candle to what he did for the game of baseball. Just because Joe Morgan “tied an onion to his belt, because it was the style at the time”, or gave “5 bees for a quarter”, doesn’t take away all the memories these players gave fans. Give them their shine, time to let the best players of a generation into Cooperstown.

Finally, the Maui Invitational Starts Today

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Some college basketball fans associate the beginning of the season with the Champions Classic, which was last Tuesday where Michigan State lost to Duke, sans- Marvin Bagley for most of the game, and Kansas beat Kentucky in a blue blood thriller. But most fans know the fun doesn’t start until the Maui Invitational, arguably the most well known in-season tournament in the country.

Taking a look at the bracket, it looks like the Zodiac Killer letters to me


But with only two teams ranked in the Top 25 in this tournament (#6 Wichita State and #13 Notre Dame), and not much other talent out of the remaining six teams, there seems to be a consensus on who is going to link up in the championship game.

Wichita State is always known for their non-conference schedule being soft serve ice cream, but a win against ACC power Notre Dame, and a Maui Invitational title, could prove the naysayers wrong when the postseason rolls around. Expect Wichita State to roll through this tournament, and have a date with the Fighting Irish for the championship and the right to wear the fire lei’s at the end, they even makes Roy Williams look cool as a cucumber.

roy williams

PS. Winner of last year’s Maui tournament won the National Title, just saying.

Other Tournament Predictions:

Battle for Atlantis- #2 Arizona over #5 Villanova

  • Arizona is my pick to win the national title this year, they have to size and experience to take down the smaller Villanova unit in a battle of Wildcats.

Phil Knight Invitational (Victory Bracket)- #9 North Carolina over #4 Michigan State

  • In a matchup that seemingly I’ve had as my national championship for the past 8 years, I’ll take the Tar Heels in an upset. No rationale, I just know going all chalk in college basketball is a mistake simpletons make.

Phil Knight Invitational (Motion Bracket)- #1 Duke over #17 Gonzaga

  • Marvin Bagley is back, going to the West Coast could be a problem for some teams, but nobody has as much talent as the Blue Devils.

College Football Guide for the Weekend- November 18, 2017

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What a shitty weekend for College Football after last weekends absurd slate of games. There is only one match-up between Top-25 teams and it has to be a Big 10 game that is sure to set football back 100 years before they knew they could throw a forward pass.


Lets get through the top games of the weekend so you can fade me.

Rutgers @ Indiana (-11) O/U 46

See what I mean? One of the highlighted games for this weekend is between two 4-6 Big 10 teams. I’ll take Indiana to cover the 11 points because betting on Rutgers is a mistake most people should only make once.

#12 TCU (-6.5) @ Texas Tech O/U 53.5

TCU is coming off their worst loss of the season, basically eliminating themselves from the CFP, traveling to Lubbock to play the Red Raiders. TCU has gone under in their past 6 games, expect water to find its level and take the OVER and Texas Tech to cover the 6.5.

#24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin (-7.5) O/U 40.5

Wisconsin has had a soft schedule so far this season, lets just let the record show that. Both of these teams are boring to watch, so that means that everything considered, it looks like the under is the pick, but I wouldn’t touch it. Wisconsin has not covered on any even week besides Week 10, I’ll take Michigan to cover and would not be surprised if they won outright.

Virginia @ #3 Miami (-19.0) O/U 50.5

Miami just had their win of the season, noon start for this game, I could see Miami sleep walking throughout the first half and not really getting into a groove until later into the game. I’ll take Virginia to cover, and Miami games have gone Under every game except for one all season, expect that trend to continue here.

Navy @ #8 Notre Dame (-18) O/U 58.5

Notre Dame, like TCU, just had their hopes for the CFP taken. What a shame, poor Brian Kelly, can that guy ever catch a break!!!! Navy tends to play Notre Dame tough, and NN really doesn’t have much to play for. I’ll take Navy.

#20 LSU (-16) @ Tennessee O/U 45.5

Tennessee is the the college football equivalent to the New York Giants right now. I don’t like kicking people while they’re down, but LSU is 5-0 ATS in their last 5, and they are going to drain the Tennessee defense with running the football. gumbogumbogumbo, play Tiger football, Coach O and LSU cover and win BIG

UCLA @ #11 USC (-16) O/U 71.5

71.5 is a lot of points, I understand that. But Sam D’Arnold and Josh Rosen are both NFL level QBs, UCLA has zero defense, this could end up looking like a Big 12 final score. USC and Over.

Also put it in my last post but Ohio State may win by 85 over Illinois Saturday.

So to recap:

USC -16 and Over 71.5

LSU -16

Navy +18

Virginia +19 and Under 50.5

Michigan +7.5

Texas Tech +6.5 and Over 53.5

Indiana -11

Have a good weekend!

Alabama or the Field? The Biggest Threats to the Crimson Tide

Since what feels like the beginning of time, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are sitting at #1 in all of the rankings across the College Football world. Just a ho-hum, typical undefeated start for the Crimson Tide and once again are the lone undefeated team in a rather top-heavy SEC, and currently 6-5 odds to take the title. Alabama has made every CFP since the new postseason format came into play three seasons ago, winning the 2015-2016 Championship over Clemson, the only team that has achieved that, but have found trouble when the best competition is in their path. Who’s got the best chance of tripping up the *Verne Lundquist voice* mighty Crimson Tide?

4. Ohio State Buckeyes- # 7 in CFP Rankings, 20-1 Odds to win National Title

urban meyer

Yeah, the Buckeyes are on the outside looking in to the playoffs at the moment. Doesn’t matter, the season doesn’t end today and the Buckeyes absolutely have the firepower to run the table and get themselves into the playoffs. With games coming against a sorry Illinois team at home, and “The Game” in Ann Arbor, that seem like wins for the Buckeyes, they would just need to take down undefeated, but untested, Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game, and they can work their way in to the playoff.

Why the Buckeyes:  They are the fifth ranked scoring offense in the country, and have, playmakers and the experienced QB that Alabama rarely sees with the lackluster QB  play in the SEC. Also Urban Meyer is 2-2 against Nick Saban in his career, including the upset in the inagural College Football Playoff where Ezekiel Elliott ran for 725 yards (per Elias).

3. Georgia Bulldogs- Former #1 in CFP Rankings, Currently #7, 14-1 Odds to win National Title

nick chubb

Was the showing at Auburn great for the former #1 team in the country? Some would say no. I also would say no because it took them out of the race for an undefeated season, but that game was not a *must win*. The Bulldogs have a two game lead over an average South Carolina team in the SEC East, with only games against Kentucky and Georgia Tech remaining before the SEC Title game, which coincidentally is in Atlanta.

Why Georgia: Despite the slip up at Auburn, Georgia still has been the second most impressive team in the SEC. They are physical and extremely fast on both sides of the ball, have the 10th ranked rushing team in the country with the excellent backfield of Nick Chubb and 18th year senior Sony Michel, and their defense is fifth in the country in points allowed per game at less than 15. If slowing the game down and dominating time of possession is what it takes to take down the Crimson Tide, that’s how Georgia will go at them.

2. Clemson Tigers- #2 in CFP Rankings, Defending National Champions, 5-1 Odds to win National Title


The Tigers got their bad loss out of the way early on in the season when they lost in the Carrier Dome to a pretty average at best Syracuse team. They have taken care of business as usual ever since though, and have two regular season games remaining against the always overpowering Citadel Bulldogs and South Carolina. Biggest issue for Clemson is ACC Title Game against the U who has got their ole swagger back, but win that game and Clemson could have a date with Alabama for a third time in the National Title.

Why the Tigers: Clemson is currently ranked as the seventh best defense in the country in terms of points allowed per game. Dabo Sweeney also knows how to gameplan for the Crimson Tide, since these two teams have met in the National Championship the past two seasons, splitting those games. If Kelly Bryant can change the game with his feet and his arm, you can very well be looking at back to back titles for Clemson.

  1. Auburn Tigers- #6 in CFP Rankings, 7-1 Odds to win National Title

As the old saying goes, theres no love lost between these two teams. Also, “you can throw the records out” when these teams get together. All the cliches sayings in the book, you can use them for this game. Auburn is hot, coming off their biggest win of the season in a route of formerly #1 Georgia, and their offense is starting to find a groove.

Why these Tigers: There is nothing scarier in College Football than a hot underdog at home, and thats exactly what Alabama will be facing when they go to Jordan-Hare Stadium for the Iron Bowl on November 25th. Jarrett Stidham is evolving into a certified problem and the Auburn defense is FAST. The Tigers want more than anything to spoil the Alabama perfect season, and they would love to play their way into the playoff.

Theres a lot of things left to be determined and nobody is already packing their bags for the CFP, but Auburn has had this game circled on their schedule since the beginning of the year, a win there would get them the SEC Championship berth against presumably Georgia. This is going to be fun.

Bonus Free Pick of the Weekend

Ohio State -41.0 over Illinois

Illinois has dropped EIGHT straight, Ohio State wants another statement blowout win at home, dont even see why the Illini would dress for this one.

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