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Cris Carter Calling Jaylen Brown “Jaylen Smith” Kinda Summarizes How First Things First Has Gone So Far

Pretty sure he was referring to Jaylen Brown the Celtic, not Jaylen Smith, the former Notre Dame, and current Cowboy Linebacker…

I cut up this video while I was watching it on YouTube, and it was definitely blog worthy. Obviously, this wasn’t a Sergio Dipp level fuck up, it was a normal one. But, I honestly feel this summarizes the way FTF has gone since airing in September.

With the way Nick Wright jumped into the spotlight for his LeBron takes, I would think this show would be exhilarating. It really isn’t, Cris Carter and Nick Wright don’t have the “in your face” debate rage that other debate shows have. To top it off, a 6AM time slot for a debate show is honestly stupid.

If you really look at it, debate shows were once (and still are) a hit for sports television. Now, the market is starting to flood like crazy. Just like when blogging started, it became a GIANT hit. But, now everyone and their mother has a damn sports blog. It’s difficult to separate yourself when there is a billion blogs. Same with First Things First in the market of debate shows. That’s why i’m so proud where Phade Sports has gotten in such a vicious market of competition.

I honestly like Nick Wright and Cris Carter – mostly from their appearances on Cowherd. If you want to make a baseball analogy, some guys are meant to be relievers. They’re good in short samples, but can’t handle being the starter. I think that’s what we are seeing here, but it’s honestly early. So, the jury is still out on that.

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Pathological Liar Kristine Leahy Is Back At It Again, This Time Accusing Barstool of “Hating Women” And Of Course Lying About The Quote On Twitter

Let me make this clear right off the bat, Kristine Leahy is the fucking worst. She sucks at her job and constantly has to push her agenda on the air, even though she simply reads box scores like an intern could do. Never forget, she said on air Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard are better than LeBron. Her reasoning was because Kawhi tests his PH levels in his water and they don’t got to the club…

Skip Bayless seems like Jesus matched up to her. First of all, she’s not a fucking journalist people… her job is to read the “HerdLine News” during the show. A fucking monkey could do her job… i listen to The Herd when i am driving pretty often. For a month straight, all she fucking did was read Russell Westbrook’s stat line from the previous night… like a said get the fucking monkey because this idiot is becoming annoying.

As far as what went down, This was a complete circus of bullshit. The Herd simply introduced Rappaport with his job title, which he works at Barstool Sports. Cowherd gave a little sarcastic remark about Barstool to start, and of course – Kristine Leahy had to force her feminist bull shit onto the show without any hesitation.

I don’t really like how the treat women”

That’s a direct quote, it’s plain and simple, to the point. I guess that’s what’s cool today, just say someone hates women and you’re considered the cream of the crop of social justice warrior slop.

Regardless, Barstool has had 00000 scandals in regards to how they treat women, fucking 0. Most of the women who have, or still work at Barstool love the way they were treated. So, there’s the first instance of bullshittery from her. On top of that, she works for Fox – nothing to see there….

On top of that, Portnoy made it clear that Leahy actually did photo shoots with Barstool back when she was in college. I always find it hilarious when these feminist morons don’t mind cursing “they hate women!” from afar – but have no problem using their looks or Barstool’s audience to advance their career.

Wouldn’t that be against your feminist beliefs? Lol. Funny how that works. It’s clear as day, it’s an agenda they will use at all times even if it doesn’t make sense because spineless SJW’s will follow in the footsteps. This has nothing to do with feminism, they hate men. If you cannot see that, you’re just as delusional as them and quite frankly, stupid.

Feminist man hating bullshit aside, this is the SECOND time since May she has blatantly lied about what she said on air – in order to dodge an impending shit storm.

“THE ONLY WORD I SAID IN THE CLIP” ????? She might be the worst pathological liar on TV. I swear she is at home taking notes from Hillary Clinton, CNN, and Donald Trump.

Remember LaVar Ball? When “Stay In Yo Lane” was born?

On FS1’s show Speak For Yourself, Leahy has stated that Lonzo and his brothers act like “zombies” and speak like “robots” around media and are “scared” of LaVar Ball. She has also said that she would “never” wear Big Baller Brand merchandise and that Ball needs to market more to women.

Here is my beef with Leahy, after Ball started confronting her on the things she has said on other shows, and she started trying to deny everything she said even though she said it in plain english on Speak For Yourself. She tries saying that as a “journalist” she has the right to give her analysis on what she see’s and has the right to ask tough questions.

Fine… that’s all good with me.

But, if you’re going to give harsh criticism, or do what normal people would call “talking shit” you have to realize that people eventually will come back at you. We have seen it from Skip Bayless when Jalen Rose got sick of his shit and put his high school stats on national television, 1.4 PPG –  the biggest troll tweet ever now according to my calculations of surfing his mentions.

Here is the difference, Skip took it and moved on. Leahy started whining like the hidden feminist she is and starting acting like she was being attacked and threatened.

Yeah… “Threatened”

Leahy is the fucking worst, I can’t believe Joy Taylor ended up on that shitty undisputed show and didn’t get the job on The Herd. It’s absolutely incredible.

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Imagine Working For A Journalism Degree Just To Fall Short To Mia Khalifa And Gilbert Arenas? Ouch.

Awful Announcing:

The weirdest possible pairing of co-hosts on a sports show yet might be former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas and former adult film star Mia Khalifa. Starting Monday, Oct. 16, they’ll be hosting Out Of Bounds, “the world’s most dangerous sports show,” on Complex News’ YouTube channel. And Complex appears to have found some unusual ways to promote that, including covering a DM stunt between the two Monday. 

Jesus Christ. Name two more people to pair together that would be more volatile than this. You can’t. (maybe OJ Simpson & Stu Feiner). But, this happens often in the entertainment business. It’s a cutthroat business (Mia has a strong neck apparently). If you can put asses in the seats, you got a chance. Although, I’m honestly surprised Mia Khalifa can still sit down after taking miles worth of dong.

Seriously though, imagine grinding at 1AM writing a 100 page senior thesis to graduate with your journalism degree, get $40,000 in debt to get it, finally land a big TV job, and lose the big league gig to Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas who is barely mentally stable.

I’m not sure what Mia Khalifa’s best sound bites are, the best I have heard are just nasally throat sounds, to be honest. One thing is for sure, no matter who she beat out for the job (ha ha) – she definitely had a meaner set of sideburns than the next guy. I don’t understand how she has so many views despite those sideburns. I guess crazier things have happened.

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The NFL Is Considering Moving The Chargers Back To San Diego?

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Two weeks in and LA hasn’t been very excited about having two football teams. Attendance has BEEN garbage for the Rams and the Chargers, and obviously – the NFL isn’t very fond of this. The Chargers were some how beloved in San Diego, and who would have guessed the San Diego fan base would be alienated by this move? Who would have guessed Los Angeles wouldn’t really be a football city? Seeing how their roots are stashed into the Dodgers and Lakers? (Warriors now).

Moving the Chargers back to San Diego would be the most NFL thing ever. They are the WORST at handling adversity. From the Ray Rice fuck up, BountyGate, BullyGate, DeflateGate, ZekeGate, the Chargers, and many many more, you name it, they fucked it up. Because of contracts, TV deals and other nerd business shit, I doubt the Chargers return to SD – but never leave the NFL out of the running to fuck something up.



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Kevin Durant Having Troll Accounts Is The The Least Surprising Thing Ever

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So, it looks like Kevin Durant has dabbled in the troll game. It’s a game that has taken over twitter and now it looks like athletes are involved. Nobody knows who’s behind these accounts so it’s all mystery.

Kevin Durant loves replying to tweets and putting people in body bags. Nothing new. So, like any twitter addict – he created a troll account to cover him so he can say what he wants.

Something to think about, what if he created a troll account so he can reply to himself to make himself look good? What if all those troll accounts were ACTUALLY Kevin Durant… Think about it.

What if this opens Pandora’s box here?? What if all these athletes have a troll account in order to have a creative outlet without penalty? I would bet LeBron has one – who knows, maybe Kawhi Leonard has one… anything is possible. (Kevin Garnett)

One key to troll accounts is never exposing yourself. If you do, all hell breaks loose – especially if you have public figure status like Durant does. Fun aside, Durant certainly has a point.

Any basketball fan would tell you, Thunder are top 3 in the draft without Russ. He’s dead on. That roster is as trash as it gets without Russ.

ESPN is Garbage and It’s Time To Take Out The Trash

What’s the worst sports network you can think of right now?

I’d be willing to bet you thought of  ESPN. If you did you’re correct, and much like thousands of other sports fans who have also denounced the major network mediums in search of greener pastures. And it turns out you’re in the right place.


But first, exactly why do we hate ESPN? And why, since we loathe them so much, are they still around in our media lives?

ESPN is severely out of touch with it’s core demographic. We are at the pinnacle of resources and info in the sport’s world, and ESPN is straying away in favor of playing by the “rules” and politicking. Just look at the current catastrophe in their office involving Linda Cohn and Jemele Hill. Regardless of your opinion, it’s hard to ignore the holes in ESPN’s ship.

The graphics, clips and overall display of SportsCenter and ESPN’s social content and online presence are often trashed in online networks for their clunky CGI or irrelevant fact usage.  The personality types we used to love have devolved into low brow character attempts at garnering controversy and clicks. Richard Sherman said what a lot of people were thinking during that outburst at Skip Bayless on First Take in 2013.

Not to mention, everyone in the world is sick of the 24/7 dic – I mean coverage of superstar athletes like LeBron, Steph Curry, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning. Considering the platform and resources available to ESPN, it’s sad to see they have ridden the same beaten path as most major networks – sacrificing substance for attention and standing for nothing instead of taking chances and challenging narratvies.


So how can we rid our lives of ESPN and their outdated content?

Well first, you can give your precious clicks and media audience to better providers. Alternative sports media sites like this one are becoming highly credible, are gaining more followers every day, and offer the same facts with better features and content! And if it’s hard info and Fantasy Football you’re into, there are tons of apps for your phone that provide a better service, faster, for free (I personally recommend SleeperBot for the fastest fantasy news).

Listen, delete their apps from your phone, erase the bookmarks from your browser, and turn off whatever awful segment that was playing on their TV station Let’s stop being force-fed this junk every day and do something about it.

Viva la revolución.

— C Sev

Of COURSE Texas A&M Found A Way To Blow A Giant Lead

Last night, after what was an upset riddled weekend – UCLA did the unthinkable and erased a 44-10 deficit to beat Texas A&M, in the most A&M way possible. Right away, Kevin Sumlin should have been fired already. The guy was already on the hot seat at 1 billion degrees after underwhelming seasons already, and now this…

I personally don’t think Sumlin makes it to Wednesday as an Aggie, he had Johnny Manziel and Trevor Knight and barely beat fucking Duke in bowl games with those guys. And the fact that you’re in the SEC only makes it worse, patience doesn’t exist in the SEC.

Josh Rosen lit up the Aggies for 292 yards and 4 TD’s…. in the 4th quarter. One of those touchdowns went right through an Aggie safety’s hands and resulted in a passing touchdown. If he picked that off, A&M would of won.

On top of that, A&M got absolutely embarrassed by UCLA and Josh Rosen by falling for a fake spike, which resulted in a passing touchdown by Josh Rosen with :44 seconds left. A&M needs to take notes from their basketball team. Remember when A&M basketball came back down 13 against Northern Iowa in the NCAA Tourney with a minute left?? I certainly remember that, maybe it was karma coming back to A&M, I’m a curses connoisseur.

Remember, Texas A&M athletic director said an 8-5 season is not good enough back in May. Sumlin got out coached at an embarrassing rate, and his team gave up. He fails to recruit defense other than Myles Garrett, he coaches in Texas, and he’s in the SEC. He should be canned, simple.


Leave It To Attention Whore Boston Fans To Burn An Isaiah Thomas Jersey Even Though He Was Traded

There’s two fan bases that nobody can stand in the NBA – Celtics fans and Warrior fans. They’re the worst, and as far as Boston goes, this summarizes well. You have to be the biggest loser of all time if you burn a jersey of Isaiah Thomas when he was traded involuntarily and carried your bum ass team to the ECF.

Not only that, but laid his heart on the Garden floor a day after his sister passed away unexpectedly. He did everything he could for Boston, and these twats burned the jersey he put all of his sweat into just to get retweets and a second of fame.

There are so many people like this on social media. From copying people’s tweets – stealing jokes – and even copying accounts. In the NBA, we have the jersey burning phenomenon. Otherwise known as 14-16 year old kids who get bullied in school and get shunned by their parents – while having no friends.

I can’t wait until LeBron walks back into that shitty smelling loser infested Garden and sweeps these fools. I have always hated the Celtics and I will continue to. But, until LeBron walks in there and levels these fools again I won’t be satisfied.

VIDEO: Roberto Aguayo Misses First Kick As A Bear By A Fucking Mile

This guy can’t catch a break. His kicking career is over – there is no way he can get out of his own head now. Jeez am I just blind? or did that kick almost hit the left crossbar, and somehow miss wide right??? that was a fucking trainwreck if I have ever seen one. Wide right is fitting though, the Florida State kicker curse lives on folks.

Blair Walsh Stares Down Vikings Sideline After Hitting A 52 Yard FG

This is honestly so sad. Staring down the Vikings sideline after blowing a playoff game for them is such a weak move. If you include context, it becomes hilariously sad. He hit a field goal in a meaningless preseason game that nobody cares about. It would be one thing if you miss a 52 yard FG in that crazy cold that was the Vikings/Seahawks playoff game – the ball is a brick in that game.

But the FG was a fucking 27 yarder – shorter than a damn XP! You can’t be looking to get revenge in that game, it makes you look even worse. That’s the type of L that you just have to tuck away and forget it ever happened. Staring down the sideline after making one in a preseason game is such a weak move after you screwed them in the past.