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Moll Vs. The Commenters Part II: Enter Elika Sadeghi

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Alright, so I basically went back at Elika Sadeghi for being a pathological liar and trying to drag Barstool even more just for publicity. She denied a job because a contract said she couldn’t sue Barstool for making a joke. This is real. Morons like this have influence in the media. That is why this country is dragging ass on the rug like a dog with worms. Even when Barstool is wrong, at least they have the commenters to stick it back to anyone. Elika’s commenters are a perfect reflection of her personality and humor. You won’t be disappointed here. You’re welcome:

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I’m Officially On The Chinese Basketball Bandwagon After Jimmer Fredette & Stephon Marbury Almost Put Their Dukes Up On The Court

Hot take, Chinese basketball is more intense than the NBA… there, I said it. I’m not just being sarcastic to get a chuckle or two. I have reasoning behind this:

If you skip to about a minute in the clip, the entire Beijing fan section is chanting “dumb cunts!” at the opposing team in Chinese. If somebody did that in the NBA fan section it’s a story on first take for a week and Adam Silver would probably have to do a press release.

Not in China, the millennials haven’t stretched their wings into international waters to ruin that yet… lol. Seriously, if you turn Jimmer Fredette from his BYU mormon former self, into a gritty killer on the court who wants to fight Stephon Marbury than you’re doing it right.

LiAngelo Ball really cucked himself, this dude is obviously no NBA prospect, we all know that. He could have gone into Chinese basketball, made a pro living, and played in that atmosphere. Nah, he wanted Louis Vuitton sunglasses that honestly, were probably fake. Wouldn’t shock me if that shop was a rip off Vuitton establishment that sells fake shit for $10 when it’s made for $1. They are probably one of those places that advertises “FREE Sunglasses!” and makes you pay $15 for shipping and you won’t get them in the mail for a month.

On top of that skirmish, Jimmer balled out and the game went to OT.

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The Eagles Scored So Much Against The Broncos That They Ran Out Of Celebration Fireworks; This Impending Collapse Will Be Sweeter Than 2004

If there was any tweet to summarize basically the entire NFL weekend, you got it here. Seriously, this was the worst NFL weekend of this season so far, and it’s not even close. And we also had an NFL weekend solely dedicated to politics – hard to beat that BS.

Let’s make something clear, the Broncos fucking suck. When you start Brock Osweiler, there will never be a good outcome. I don’t care what anyone says, offense is more important than defense. The only time a bad offense wins a superbowl is when the defense is one of the best of all time. Any other time, if your offense can’t move the ball – the defense is bound to fail.

As far as the Eagles go, they are so good right now that the impending collapse is going to be even sweeter than 2004. Wentz will probably be the NFL MVP, the Eagles are 8-1, they have the number 1 run defense in the league – and the NFC is a wash.

I already can’t wait for the Patriots/Eagles super bowl, there is a 99% chance that will be the matchup and I can’t wait for Tom Brady to step on their throats (again). When teams like the Falcons and Eagles matchup against real greatness, it’s laughable. It’s like stepping on an ant hill when you’re a human. Too easy. Enjoy the regular season Philly, that fun won’t last long.

It’s Official – Kevin Durant Is The Most Triggered Athlete In All Sports

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Kevin Durant #TweetGate has broken out in full throttle and it just exposes how triggered Kevin Durant is about EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed Durant clapping back at people constantly. But, now that it seems obvious he was talking to himself, just shows how triggered/soft he is.

Don’t forget, i’m old enough to remember these shoes he released like a week ago:

Definitely not triggered though, just sticking it to the “haters”

Holy shit this guy is a bitch. I didn’t think he could’ve made that troll fuck up look any worse – but BOOM. Just when you thought Durant can’t look any weaker that pops out! Like a pimple on prom day!

If he stuck by his Thunder comments, I would have respected that. Yeah, it sounds kinda shitty, but that’s how he really feels, clearly. Who gives a fuck if the Thunder fans don’t like you even more or boo you in OKC when you come back, it doesn’t mean shit because the Warriors will obviously win.

And by the way, if any of you watched that film about Durant’s first season in Golden State, I think we could agree that it makes him look softer than baby shit. It was a 35 minute pity party about the NBA world calling him a cop-out spineless bitch. God, just take it off the chin and fucking hoop. I don’t mind outspoken players who clap back – just stand by your clapbacks. That simple.
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WATCH: Eagles Corner Decides To Empty The Lemonade Tank Mid Game


We have all been there. The floodgates start to fill up and you have to let them flow over. Of course it’s funny, he’s pissing in a camera’s view, and he plays for the Eagles, I get it – lot’s of material here. But I respect the hard work and dedication here. He could of went to the locker room, or a private bathroom god knows where in the tunnel.

But, this isn’t your average pit stop on the side of a road to light up an oak tree with your acid gatorade. This is the NFL and its Sunday. It’s work day. It’s the day you prepare for the entire week. One piss break could cost your team, team guy’s piss wherever so they can get back on the field.

Blair Walsh Stares Down Vikings Sideline After Hitting A 52 Yard FG

This is honestly so sad. Staring down the Vikings sideline after blowing a playoff game for them is such a weak move. If you include context, it becomes hilariously sad. He hit a field goal in a meaningless preseason game that nobody cares about. It would be one thing if you miss a 52 yard FG in that crazy cold that was the Vikings/Seahawks playoff game – the ball is a brick in that game.

But the FG was a fucking 27 yarder – shorter than a damn XP! You can’t be looking to get revenge in that game, it makes you look even worse. That’s the type of L that you just have to tuck away and forget it ever happened. Staring down the sideline after making one in a preseason game is such a weak move after you screwed them in the past.

Rookie Hazing On Steroids: Bucs OL Creates Fake $26k Bill To Scare The Shit Out Of Their Rookies

Right off the bat – I REALLY hope all of them didn’t fall for this prank. The idea on the prank is really fantastic. Nothing worse than having to cover a monstrous bill when going out to eat with coworkers – nothing. But the OL over shot it here on the amount. Nobody alive can eat $26k in one sitting.

The Bucs OL should of wrote like $13k – that would of been more believable – hence would scare them a lot more. Again, the idea is fantastic – the amount they put was really overshooting the goal fellas.

Some Moron Walked Up To Tony Hawk And Said He Looks Like Tom Brady

Seeing a legend like Tony Hawk in a random restaurant is a rush – let’s not mistake it. Of all the things you could say – you say he looks like Tom Brady????? This level of confusion hasn’t been met since Atlanta opted to not run the ball in the 4th quarter…

I get it, I get. They’re both absolute legends in their respective sports. But to randomly say he looks like Tom Brady is off the rails crazy. The dude who said it is probably a psychopath, 1000% chance. This guy was further off than Roberto Aguayo’s extra point kicks.

The Bill For Saints Fans At An Atlanta Restaurant Comes Out To An Interesting Number

I know I know – everyone is starting to get sick of the Falcons 28-3 jokes. They are starting to get old now. Literally this week Matt Ryan hit 283k followers on Instagram and the internet exploded.

This would of been a killer joke – if it happened 4 months earlier and wasn’t a Saints fan. Dat team swept you guys, you can’t chime in on these jokes. Only Patriots fans can make those jokes – the Falcons dominated basically everyone else.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are probably having anxiety attacks in anticipation for this season. Because this nightmare they have experienced probably couldn’t end soon enough for the birds.

JoezMcFly Needs His Own Radio Show ASAP

I always love superfans who are absolutely electric at the games and on video. JoezMcFly is exactly that guy. He’s not your average fan, he’s an entertainment machine – and the people want people like Mr. McFly blasting through their radio at 6am – and in their headphones on a long flight.

He actually has a Youtube channel. I subscribed instantly as soon as I found it.

Go subscribe if you aren’t a fool.

People want to hear JoezMcFly – if you don’t believe me, remember the crazy Eagles fan on Youtube?? Or Mets Superfan and Barstool blogger Frank The Tank?

Absolute electric factory. By the way, he has over 208k subscribers on youtube – for good reason. These are the guys that make sports social media great. JoezMcFly is next on the list.