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Football is the Best

After one of the best upsets of the season with the Jags pushing it to the limit and stealing the show  against the Steelers, we had the game of the year between the Vikings and Saints. Starting off with Drew Brees playing like shit, the Vikings dominating in […]

I Know How to Fix The NFL

So most fans across the country  probably have the same thoughts as I do about the NFL product on the field this season. “These guys are fucking trash!” we say from our couches as another quick slant is thrown too high, dropping the Doritos bag off our stomachs. […]

Took Long Enough….

*Mike Breen Voice* BANG!!!! But then…. *Brent Musburger Voice* You are looking LIVE at me reading those tweets! In all honesty, this move should have came before McAdoo decided it was time to bench Eli, especially in the fashion he did it in. Also, Jerry Reese undoubtedly sucked […]