Bason’s Pick NFL Week 13

Record 111-66


Washington 23 @ Dallas 13


Indianapolis 3 @ Jacksonville 24

Minnesota 24 @ Atlanta 20

New England 27 @ Buffalo 24

San Francisco 23 @ Chicago 14

Tampa Bay 30 @ Green Bay 10

Houston 12 @ Tennessee 24

Denver 9 @ Miami 21

Kansas City 24 @ NY Jets 17

Detroit 31 @ Baltimore 20

Cleveland 13 @ LA Chargers 34

NY Giants 6 @ Oakland 28

Carolina 23 @ New Orleans 24

LA Rams 35 @ Arizona 17

Philadelphia 41 @ Seattle 20


Pittsburgh 31 @ Cincinnati 16


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How to Lose a Fan Base in 11 Weeks, By Ben McAdoo

He did it folks. Ben McAdoo has done the unthinkable. No no, it wasn’t the play calling that has caused the Giants to score under 30 points every single game they’ve played since McAdoo became head coach. It also wasn’t the lack of discipline or control over the locker room, which McAdoo has evidenced this season. He decided that Geno Smith gave his team a better chance to win this Sunday, instead of the man who has stood under center for the past 210 games for the Giants, Eli Manning. Yup, the Eli Manning that has put on his helmet every game since 2004, also the same guy who won 2 Super Bowl MVPs.

Has Manning been super sharp this season? No, but who has their best season when their top 3 receivers are out for an extended period of time, including one of the best play-makers in the NFL in Odell. He also came into the season with one of the worst offensives lines in football (credit to Ereck Flowers though, who has improved all season long). But Eli is our guy, through thick and thin, and there have been a heavy amount of both.

When you’re set back by injuries and a poor offensive line, how can you expect your quarterback to lead a team of misfits? Your coaching certainly didn’t help, Ben. Your play call, trash. Your leadership skills, trash. Your hair, Juandissimo without the ponytail.


So goodnight sweet prince They haven’t fired McAdoo yet, it’s not “The Giant Way” but when Week 17 finishes off, hit my music!

P.S.- Benedict Arnold? More like Benedict McAdoo! I’ll be here all week don’t forget to tip the waitresses

P. P.S. Eli and Coughlin bringing a Super Bowl to Jacksonville next year will be so bittersweet. I love you Eli.


Marvin Bagley Proved Why He’s The Man

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PK80 did not disappoint, unlike some other tournaments and some other teams (looking at you, Arizona). Between the two brackets, there were five ranked teams, including #1 Duke, #4 Michigan State (who won the Victory bracket) , #7 Florida , #9 North Carolina  and #17 Gonzaga, five teams that have serious national championship aspirations, and there was one guy who stood out most in the whole field.

#1 recruit out of high school, after he reclassified for eligibility, was Marvin Bagley, the 6’11” Power Forward for Duke and a lot of NBA scouts have named Bagley their #1 prospect. He played like it this weekend. Between the three comeback wins, where Bagley was the catalyst, the freshman averaged over 27 points and 15 rebounds a game on 55% shooting from the field.  On the season, sans the Michigan State game where Bagley left with an injury, Bagley would is posting about 25 points and 12 rebounds a game.

The skill set of Bagley is rare, so rare that people speculate that he has the ability to be a face of an NBA franchise today at the age of 18. Many have said the spark to this Duke team was going to be the senior Grayson Allen, but as Bagley goes, Duke goes. With a vicious comeback of #7 Florida last night, who looked like a perennial Final Four team, the Blue Devils could be looking  at a run that the 2015 Kentucky Wildcats could be jealous of.

3 Easy Bets For Rivalry Week

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Ohio State vs. Michigan Line: Ohio State -12 / 49.5 points:

Under: A cold November game in the big house between two big ten foes will have all sorts of punts – shanks, high hangers, line drives you name it. A 50 point total where John O’Korn is playing QB against JT Barrett is the easiest under bet I have had the last 3 days. Not to mention we have two of the best defensive lines in college, put your coins on the under.

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma: Oklahoma -23 / 68.5 points:

WVU +23: Wil Grier’s finger is at a 90 degree angle and there’s a good chance Baker Mayfield is still traumatized at his crotch grab from the looks of his presser. Leading to this retarded spread, it’s a trap – This is an extremely over inflated spread that has no chance in being covered. NO CHANCE.

Washington State vs. Washington: WSU -10.5 / 48 points:

Over/UW +10.5: You can take either bet here, they will both hit. The Apple Cup will be a shootout, on top of it – Washington State still screams fraud in my opinion. There’s no way I can bet you to cover a 10 point spread if you let Cal drop a 37 spot on your brain and you only put up 3. Take both here.

Just a City Boy, Born and Raised Holland Michigan

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit.  He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere.  That refrain from Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” has been heard at the end of Detroit Red Wings games more often than would have been expected before the season started.

One of the highlights one quarter of the way through the Red Wings season, if you like old-time hockey (like Eddie Shore), was a fight between the benches at Little Caeser’s Arena with the Calgary Flames.  The fight started when Luke Witkowski got into it with the Flames forward Brett Kulak.  Witkowski was sent to the penalty box for a fighting major, two ten minute misconducts and a game misconduct.  End of story, right?  Not so fast.

After a conveniently timed commercial break, the broadcast came back to Witkowski being sent to the dressing room because there were only approximately six minutes left in the game that would ultimately end with the Red Wings winning 8-2.  As he was making his way to the locker room, the Flames’ Matthew Tkachuk gave Witkowski what one might describe as a love tap on the back of the leg.  Witkowski took exception to this and the two teams began your garden variety hockey fight.

I call this a garden variety hockey fight because as a young hockey fan, I sat in amazement as I watched the same Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche have a rivalry that will remain unmatched in my mind during the 1990s.  This rivalry had everything, two evenly matched hockey teams, bitter hatred, two coaches yelling at each other between the benches, and even a goalie fight!

Perhaps the new building which some fans have christened the Dough Joe as an homage to the Joe Louis Arena will be the place where such memories will be matched, but these kinds of moments need to be made over several years.  Some will say a rivalry such as the one between the Wings and Avalanche will never be duplicated because of the salary cap that has since been introduced to hockey and the player movement that comes along with it.

Bason’s Pick NFL Week 12

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Record: 99-62


Minnesota 31 @ Detroit 23

LA Chargers 34 @ Dallas 20

NY Giants 13 @ Washington 30


Tennessee 23 @ Indianapolis 24

Tampa Bay 17 @ Atlanta 23

Cleveland 3 @ Cincinnati 20

Buffalo 16 @ Kansas City 34

Miami 9 @ New England 38

Carolina 24 @ NY Jets 14

Chicago 12 @ Philadelphia 41

Seattle 24 @ San Francisco 17

Denver 13 @ Oakland 27

New Orleans 38 @ LA Rams 34

Jacksonville 24 @ Arizona 10

Green Bay 9 @ Pittsburgh 31


Houston 13 @ Baltimore 19


Joe Morgan Wrote a Letter To The Baseball Hall of Fame, Like It’s The 1800’s, About Steroid Users, And Has Transformed Into Abe Simpson

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It’s always a hot topic with baseball purists, whether or not guys like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and other noted PED users should be allowed to be enshrined in Cooperstown. Joe Morgan, former second basemen of the Reds during the era of “The Big Red Machine”, thought it was time the voters heard what he had to say, because obviously his opinion means oh so much.

Morgan is quoted in his letter by saying “…it still occurs to me that anyone who took body-altering chemicals in a deliberate effort to cheat the game we love, not to mention they cheated current and former players, and fans too, doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. By cheating, they put up huge numbers, and they made great players who didn’t cheat look smaller by comparison, taking away from their achievements and consideration for the Hall of Fame. That’s not right.”

Come on Joe, just because you got the luxury of hitting guys who topped off at 88 mph doesn’t mean that what Bonds, Clemens, etc. did for the game of baseball should have less leverage. Bonds won 3 MVPs before he even got ripped up, the guy is arguably the greatest baseball player of all time.

Bonds supposedly started using after the 1998 season, look at these numbers before he began using, you have an argument that these alone should get him a plaque.


As someone who grew up watching Bonds, I see more and more players getting into the Hall over him that couldn’t hold a candle to what he did for the game of baseball. Just because Joe Morgan “tied an onion to his belt, because it was the style at the time”, or gave “5 bees for a quarter”, doesn’t take away all the memories these players gave fans. Give them their shine, time to let the best players of a generation into Cooperstown.

Finally, the Maui Invitational Starts Today

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Some college basketball fans associate the beginning of the season with the Champions Classic, which was last Tuesday where Michigan State lost to Duke, sans- Marvin Bagley for most of the game, and Kansas beat Kentucky in a blue blood thriller. But most fans know the fun doesn’t start until the Maui Invitational, arguably the most well known in-season tournament in the country.

Taking a look at the bracket, it looks like the Zodiac Killer letters to me


But with only two teams ranked in the Top 25 in this tournament (#6 Wichita State and #13 Notre Dame), and not much other talent out of the remaining six teams, there seems to be a consensus on who is going to link up in the championship game.

Wichita State is always known for their non-conference schedule being soft serve ice cream, but a win against ACC power Notre Dame, and a Maui Invitational title, could prove the naysayers wrong when the postseason rolls around. Expect Wichita State to roll through this tournament, and have a date with the Fighting Irish for the championship and the right to wear the fire lei’s at the end, they even makes Roy Williams look cool as a cucumber.

roy williams

PS. Winner of last year’s Maui tournament won the National Title, just saying.

Other Tournament Predictions:

Battle for Atlantis- #2 Arizona over #5 Villanova

  • Arizona is my pick to win the national title this year, they have to size and experience to take down the smaller Villanova unit in a battle of Wildcats.

Phil Knight Invitational (Victory Bracket)- #9 North Carolina over #4 Michigan State

  • In a matchup that seemingly I’ve had as my national championship for the past 8 years, I’ll take the Tar Heels in an upset. No rationale, I just know going all chalk in college basketball is a mistake simpletons make.

Phil Knight Invitational (Motion Bracket)- #1 Duke over #17 Gonzaga

  • Marvin Bagley is back, going to the West Coast could be a problem for some teams, but nobody has as much talent as the Blue Devils.

Phade Sports College Football Recap

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All of the top teams in college football won their games against inferior competition today, making for a pretty boring Saturday.  The biggest threat for an upset going into the weekend was said to be Wisconsin, who hosted a banged up Michigan team in Madison.  This was probably wishful thinking as Michigan was starting freshman Brandon Peters.

This did not last long as Peters was hit in the third quarter and landed on his left side.  He was carted off the field and taken into the locker room in a wheelchair.  Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh said that Peters was being tested for a head injury.  Peters was replaced by John O’Korn and Michigan’s offense was unable to do anything.  Wisconsin won the game 24-10.

Oklahoma’s game against Kansas went much smoother than that, at least that is what the final score would indicate.  However, the controversial quarterback for the Sooners, after throwing his third touchdown pass of the game, made an inappropriate gesture towards the Kansas sideline.

(Video courtesy: @ScottBellDMN)

Thank Fuck The Orlando Summer League Finally Got Cancelled

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Hoops Rumors:

The Magic won’t host their summer league in 2018, according to Josh Robbins of The Orlando Sentinel. Instead, Orlando will join most of the rest of the league with an entry in the Las Vegas Summer League.

You’re about 4 years too late NBA. The Orlando Summer League is like getting shitty pizza when you’re loaded because there’s only one spot open. It’s crap, it’s at a premium, but it’s there. The Orlando Magic summer league is the worst collection of teams to play summer league literally every season. It’s always the teams the draft like shit or the middle of the pack teams that have no marquee prospects. It’s like the Magic, Pistons, Thunder, Knicks, Heat and so on.

It’s complete barf because it’s basically a glorified D-League. I think Mario Hezonja was the top prospect last season in that summer league and this dude SUCKS eggs in the NBA. On top of it, don’t you think it’s a bad business decision to have live NBA games in a practice gym, in Orlando of all places, where the bleachers are no bigger than the average charter school?

Las Vegas has a legit arena, ya know – where they can sell legit tickets and make killer money. People are on vacation in Florida, want to see a game, and get a glorified YMCA men’s league game, probably in a worse gym. Which makes the viewing experience even more boring, It’s like watching golf with some shoe squeaks. Good riddance Orlando Summer League, glad the Magic sacked up and joined the big boys.